Learn to prioritize your self-care so that pleasure guides your life, rather than stress.



Find natural solutions for living a nontoxic and vibrant life with essential oils


Get guidance on how to overcome challenges and be your most radiant self.


Hi, I'm Sasha.

Thank you for joining me here, love.

Most creative women and entrepreneurs like you make it here because your talent has put too much on your plate and is spreading you thin. Having passion and being purpose-driven is a beautiful thing. Until it isn’t.


The Sacred Art of Self-Care for me was life changing! Coming out of a 10-year relationship, I found myself feeling insecure and afraid to receive support and love, as if I did not deserve these things. Throughout the program Sasha helped me find my freedom.

I became more grateful for everything I had, yet even more fired up about reaching my goals, all the while enjoying every day and feeling great doing it. I am now learning to receive support and love and I am of the belief that I do in fact deserve them both.

Jennifer Daigle

Photographer, Jennifer Daigle Photography

Sasha’s Sacred Art of Self-Care could not have come into my life at a better time! As an entrepreneur and admitted workaholic, I was overwhelmed with life in general and not handling it well at all.  On a daily basis, I was feeling anxious, scatter-brained, stressed, depleted and physically weak.

As part of the program, Sasha got me back into writing, which I am so grateful for! Working with her made me want to be a better person, better business woman and truly live like a goddess! Sasha has an effortless way about her, and she fully practices what she preaches.

Rachel Jimenez

Founder + Stylist, Rachel J. Styling

Before I worked with Sasha, I was going through life with an underlying feeling of anxiety and fear – and I didn’t even know it.  I knew I was lacking balance and feeling chaotic, but I didn’t know what to do or where to start to find it. Doing The Sacred Art of Self-Care was a dream come true because Sasha helped to re-align me, and get me back on the right tracks.

Now, after working with Sasha, I RELISH in my everyday life. No matter what happens in my business or in my life, I feel at ease. She has introduced me to a new way of being that puts my wellness and enjoyment of life first.

Alex Beadon

Marketing + Branding Expert, Alex Beadon