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Are you ready for a Feel Good Life?

Hello! My name is Sasha Stone and I’m so excited to have you here. If you are looking for ways to feel more alive, more joyful, more creative, and more connected to yourself and those around you, you’re in the right place.

I am deeply passionate about helping women re-prioritize their lives so that self-care is at the top of their list rather than an afterthought. My mission is to shift the trajectory of creative female entrepreneurs away from lives of constant stress and overwhelm to lives defined by pleasure, possibility, and blissful exploration.

This is a movement, a goddess movement, where women reconnect with their center and reignite their creative passions. When you join this movement, you build a life toolkit that allows you to melt away stress, expand time, and live your life guided by joy rather than obligation.

How did I get there?

At the age of 30 I made a very conscious decision to shift away from the traditional 9-5 life and create the life I truly wanted. Separated from my husband and laid off from my job, I was literally starting from scratch and chose to see it as a golden opportunity to re-imagine what I thought was possible.

About me photoOnce I made the choice to pursue life on my own terms and as my own boss, there was no looking back. The journey of entrepreneurship started with yoga and Thai yoga massage. Through those avenues I deepened my connection with body and spirit, and began a deeper exploration of feminine energy, and what it is that truly nurtures women and allow us to shine our brightest.

Within that process of business building, it became a necessity to build a scaffolding of wellness and self-care into my life so as not to get sucked into the entrepreneurial stress trap. We choose this life because we want freedom and we want to do what we love. However, without the right support, tools, and systems in place we can easily spiral into a workaholic mess. No thank you!

As I started to build my business, pursuing what I love and expanding my life outwardly, I also dove deep within on a journey of personal exploration and healing. I wanted to ensure that as I took the steps to support myself financially through my creative passions, that I was also supporting myself emotionally and spiritually. After all, there’s no way for my business to thrive or for me to be able to have an impact on my clients, if I am not also feeling healthy and happy.

The result of that work is a desire to share with you the life toolkit I designed for myself to feel nurtured, supported, vibrant, and blissful on a daily basis.

My Feel Good Goddess program helps women to prioritize self-care in their lives and fuel their power as creative wave makers in this exciting global economy. I also created a divine all natural skin care product, Belle Coco, that has drastically simplified my beauty routine. In that process, a love affair ignited with doTERRA essential oils, and I play with them daily to keep me balanced, focused, and smelling gorgeous.

I choose to be a Feel Good Goddess, and that’s what I want for you too!

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More about my goddess life…

  • My first kiss was in Cairo, Egypt. I grew up moving back and forth between Canada and Egypt, spending all of middle school and most of high school in Cairo. There I developed my love for travel, my passion for art, and my addiction to hummus.
  • Most family gatherings turn into dance parties in the kitchen, to the sweet sounds of Trinidadian soca. I am first generation Canadian to parents that hail from the beautiful Caribbean island country of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • I am a huge math nerd! It was one of my favorite subjects in school, and my first job out of University was in Los Angeles as a high school teacher for emotionally disturbed teenagers (talk about stress!!), teaching all my favorite subjects: English, Art, and Math.
  • When the work day is done, I put on my dance shoes and head to the salsa club. Gotta let the wild goddess shine!

Professional Bio

Sasha is a goddess coach, yoga teacher, writer, creator of Belle Coco nourishing oil, and a doTERRA wellness advocate. She is based in Los Angeles and the rest of the world, where she works, travels, dances, and loves life.

Sasha received her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from The University of Toronto. In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in education as a high school teacher and as a program coordinator for a nonprofit organization. Her passion for education and wellness led her to yoga teaching and eventually to teaching the art of self-care to women all over the globe.

Sasha’s training in yoga and wellness includes:

  • YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training
  • Shiva Rea Sacred Training Pranafication Retreat
  • Ritam Healing Arts School of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Shivagakomarpaj School of Thai Massage Level II Therapeutic Massage
  • Suan Mokkh 10-day silent meditation retreat
  • Loyola Marymount University Yoga Therapy Rx Level 1
  • Dr. Linda Lack’s The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® Level II 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Dr. Linda Lack’s  The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® Certification Program (ongoing)

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