Hi, I’m Sasha. Thank you for joining me here, love.


Transitions are a potent and powerful time in life. Perhaps your talent has put too much on your plate and is spreading you thin? Or maybe life is fantastic AND you want more? Having passion and being purpose-driven is a beautiful thing. And life can be even more magical.

I know you love serving the people that need you most. The good news is you can celebrate your accomplishments all while taking care of yourself and staying present with the people that matter most. Let’s explore.



Professional Bio

Sasha Marie Stone is a Transformational Life Coach and Essential Oil Educator and Consultant. She works with clients who are ready to move powerfully toward their goals and create lives of greater peace, prosperity, and purpose. As a living example of her work, Sasha supports women in their journeys toward a deeper connection to their feminine energy, their intuition, and their pleasure through her annual Sacred Art of Self-Care Immersion Program. As an essential oil educator and consultant with doTERRA essential oils, Sasha shares the empowering benefits of natural wellness and nontoxic living. She also mentors team members to create streams of residual income through their own essential oil businesses.

Sasha lives in Los Angeles and works with clients throughout the U.S and beyond.


  • Named one of the top 11 healers to watch in 2015 by SarahGrear.com
  • Guest expert on the Plant Trainers Podcast
  • Featured speaker in the Love Detox Series
  • Featured speaker at Girls’ Night In, Los Angeles

Are you ready for a transformation?