Hi, I’m Sasha. Thank you for joining me here.


I’m a coach, speaker, writer, and founder of the program Your Sacred Life. I work with clients who are ready to experience transformation on a deep, profound, and sustainable level, in the areas of lifestyle habits, relationships, career advancement, and goal achievement.


I believe that with the right support, with someone to reflect back to you your misunderstandings as well as your greatness, with powerful accountability, there is really nothing stopping you from bringing your deepest desires and most powerful visions into reality.

It was not until adulthood that I truly came to understand the power of support to propel transformation forward, and it continues to delight and blow my mind. Having spent most of my life as an academic overachiever, while experiencing major family hardships at a young age, I thought success meant excelling at life and rising to the top all on your own. Such a huge misunderstanding!


My first big clue came when I went to University, an emotional wreck, with no concept of what it meant to ask someone for help. For the first time, I wasn’t doing well in school, and immediately assumed everyone had been wrong my whole life, and the truth was I wasn’t very bright. Thankfully, a volunteer program I participated in taught me about negative self-talk, and how to turn that ship around. Life changing.


The second clue came when I was married, and trying to perfect and control every aspect of life. Of course this wasn’t sustainable, and it all fell apart when in my greatest time of need I acknowledged that I didn’t actually have a partner. So I made the hugely terrifying and freeing decision to leave, realizing I had the choice experience something different.


The final confirmation came when I re-created my life post-divorce and post work layoff, and directly witnessed how support, mentorship, and coaching were major change agents for me, and for the clients I worked with. With incredible teachers and coaches, my life, and more importantly my entire perspective, shifted. I was able to achieve incredible things and have so many beautiful experiences, such as…


  • Studying yoga therapy and becoming a sought-after teacher.
  • Traveling to Thailand to study Thai yoga massage and meditation.
  • Leading meditation groups in Los Angeles.
  • Helping women re-center their lives around self-care, reconnecting with their inherent joy and creativity.
  • Healing my relationship with my parents.


And now coaching incredible women and men in transforming any area of their life they desire a new and different experience.


Now I make sure to fill my life with support and mentorship, no matter what new goal I’m working on or next level I wish to reach, because I see that it is invaluable in creating the powerful shifts that result in lasting change.


The clients I work with are ready for the support that will shift their perspective, and propel them toward their goals. Does that sound like you? If so, get in touch and we’ll explore if working together is a good fit.


Professional Bio

Sasha is a life coach, speaker, writer, and workshop facilitator. She works with individual clients worldwide from a multitude of professional backgrounds on their own personal curriculum of transformation. Sasha believes that all humans thrive with support, and that the unique power of life coaching provides just the right amount of accountability for someone’s natural talents to flourish. 

As the creator of Your Sacred Life, a group coaching experience for women, Sasha is a living example of her work, guiding women in re-centering their lives around self-care while reconnecting with their inherent joy and creativity.

Sasha grew up between picturesque Vancouver Island and the bustling city of Cairo, Egypt. She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at The University of Toronto. Living in Los Angeles, Sasha continues to advance her knowledge, enjoying a career spanning education, wellness, and coaching. Her life is enriched from working with public schools throughout Los Angeles County, studying yoga with some of the world’s best teachers, traveling to Thailand to meditate and learn Thai Yoga massage, and deepening her skills and awareness with incredible coaches and mastermind groups.