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Turkey – A beautiful world of contradictions

Turkey is a beautiful country of dualities and contradictions, multiple worlds, cultures, ideas and traditions coexisting in stark contrast, mostly in harmony, yet also in conflict. It’s precisely this wonderful melding and merging that makes Turkey so spectacular and unique, because it’s all done so well, with attention to detail, artistry, flavor, and grace. Towering […]

How to lift your energy

This past week I was feeling incredibly exhausted. The past few months were characterized by nonstop movement, literally from location to location, and also lots of movement in my business and personal life, so it’s really no wonder I was feeling spent. As a kindness to myself I rested whenever possible this week, and listened […]

Get excited about money

What’s your relationship with money? As I emphasized in my article about my love affair with YNAB, financial wellness is absolutely a part of overall wellness as money is a big part of our lives, our culture, our society, and our world. Money stress is so acute because the truth is money is something without […]