How often does your life feel like a struggle? Does getting where you want to go mean grasping and pulling and striving to utter exhaustion? Or, is there another way?

I believe there is. And life proves that to me over and over again.  

Having strong goals and bold desires for life is hugely motivating. I’ve always loved throwing myself fully into achieving a goal, at least in the beginning. Then inevitably, it starts to feel like a struggle. The goal goes from energizing to heavy, and discouragement takes over, which completely drains the fun out of it. Or, I simply give up and find another goal to focus on.


Every time I’ve felt like I was being diligent and doing it all right, saying my mantras, holding tightly to my vision and monitoring my progress carefully, I would experience very little progress. Then the times when my actions felt fluid and natural, almost effortless, things would somehow just fall into place. I’d wonder, How did I do that and how can I do it again??


I finally cracked the code. There actually is a way to do it again and again and again. Because it’s an approach to life, a way of being. Not a happy accident.

Learning to connect with my desires then surrender the outcome has yielded massively positive results in my life from the inside out. I was starting to feel hopeless about my relationship. Instead of going into crisis mode and jumping ship, I opened my heart and we’ve connected on a much lighter and more joyful level as a result. Rather than stressing about hitting targets in my business, and using overly complicated online marketing techniques, I made my intentions about service, paying close attention to who was right in front of me wanting what I have to offer. And what seemed impossible started to flow.


Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve tried all that! Nothing works!!”

I hear you. I feel your frustration. And I also know there are deeper layers of understanding that when revealed make so much sense and simply feel right.



This is not about vision boards. This is not about shortcuts. This is about real life.



Join me for an in depth exploration of how your dream life can be created with much greater ease, joy, and freedom than you ever imagined possible. When you learn to Release, Let Go, and Let Life propel you forward and upward.


How to Let Go and Let Life Propel You Toward Your Dreams


WHEN: Saturday, May 27, 10am-2pm

Must be able to attend the entire duration of the workshop. 


WHERE: Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Exact address given upon acceptance of RSVP.


COST: Complimentary



Must RSVP to attend.