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Client Testimonials  



I’m so grateful we met this past August. I remember that day so clearly. Thank you for offering your presence that night and the initial session that led to a fruitful 3 months of discovery and release of poison that was hindering my joy for life and creation. You are a spectacular coach that truly offers real transformation. I feel like I’m a new woman.

Helen Quon

Graphic Designer, Los Angeles

Before I started working with Sasha as a coach, I was in the process of building a flight department…overwhelmed, drowning in work, keeping a multi-ship private/charter flight operations running, and growing, while training more help, creating a business case, selling the concept and services, and all on a few hours of sleep a day.  Then came a serene stop in motion, a glance in the mirror, my coach Sasha. Sasha gave me the hard reflections in the softest light, and real, useful physical and mental tools to help me to regain my self, my day, my time, my life, my breath.  Today, I am still building that flight department.  I am building it in stride, in a safe, sane, healthy manner.  I look forward to continued coaching with Sasha to refine my leadership skills.  Thank you Sasha!

Stephen Tafel

International Operations/Business Aviation, Los Angeles

After nearly two years of financial hardship that left it’s mark with various insecurities, I found myself sitting across from someone offering such nuanced yet barrier-breaking advice.  Anything short of asking, “how and when can I work with you to take these cues you’re providing to the next level?” would’ve been a mistake.
Just a little over a week since my session with Sasha and it’s been an interesting ride already, including that …after doing such deep work in our first coaching call …the energy of the man I had been dating shifted suddenly and dramatically and after two lengthy conversations that same day I made the decision to break off our relationship.  It was unexpected but even more surprising was the relief I found and the immediate sense that I could take care of myself and my journey going forward.
I immediately worked out a new client packaging price list.
I gave myself a little time over the weekend for the feels of it all — Sasha really holds the space for you to dive into the work you need to do and that can mean releasing emotions that you may not have even been aware you were harboring and that are not serving you or need processing.
Then I kicked off the week checking feverishly for every teaching opportunity (I didn’t go into sabotage mode though and kept my search to a handful of studios so I begin to build a following). I locked down 5 more subs for the coming month in a single day!
I followed up with a permanent class lead and landed an interview for the coming week.
I was inspired to create three new classes and approached my main studio owner about offering them, with open-arms receptivity!
My confidence is climbing and my spirits are so lifted.
Sasha suggested I look for some additional ‘bread and butter’ while I’m working on my dreams.  Well, my mother mentioned a part time gig that I’m looking into that, like Sasha suggested, is a little bland BUT it’s also kinda neat and it will help me learn a bundle more about the history and landscape of my new city.  I think my own responsiveness shifted greatly based on our call because I’ve also been given 3 side opportunities to make nearly an extra $1k this month working a little of my past-(career)life mojo in tax extension preparation.
Simply releasing some things internally and being open to actively searching for what I need, chances and changes seem to be knocking on MY door!
I’m praying a lot, turning towards more selfcare regimens, reaching out to different friends that for a moment I had felt were foreign to who I was becoming (and now coming back towards clear, it all makes sense).
I am overflowing with gratitude toward Sasha for her kindness, honesty, real friendship and professional art. She is a gift.
Lilah Spies

Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Mind|Body Lifestylist, Dallas + Los Angeles