Choosing to receive the support of coaching ignites a powerful journey of transformation. 


It is my strong belief that with the right support, virtually anything is possible. Coaching is a productive and purpose-filled partnership that results in immense learning and growth on many levels all at once.


Coaching with me will support you in bringing to light your deepest desires and highest visions for your life. Together we’ll work on revealing and releasing your blocks and fears to living the highest expression of who you. You’ll learn to love yourself exactly where you’re at any given time, which will give you the confidence to fully embrace the wild experiment of life. Rather than a constant struggle and uphill climb, you’ll exist more fully in the sweet spot between action and surrender. And best of all, you’ll have a partner with you every step of the way, offering powerful reflection, effective guidance, and continuous accountability.


I work with a handful of private clients.


Each client has their own curriculum centered around what they want to create and what’s getting in the way.


Areas of exploration and transformation include…

  • relationships
  • boundaries
  • confidence
  • career advancement
  • leadership
  • business development
  • habits
  • well-being

Before I started working with Sasha as a coach, I was in the process of building a flight department…overwhelmed, drowning in work, keeping a multi-ship private/charter flight operations running, and growing, while training more help, creating a business case, selling the concept and services, and all on a few hours of sleep a day.  Then came a serene stop in motion, a glance in the mirror, my coach Sasha. Sasha gave me the hard reflections in the softest light, and real, useful physical and mental tools to help me to regain my self, my day, my time, my life, my breath.  Today, I am still building that flight department.  I am building it in stride, in a safe, sane, healthy manner.  I look forward to continued coaching with Sasha to refine my leadership skills.  Thank you Sasha!

Stephen Tafel

International Operations/Business Aviation, Los Angeles

I’m so grateful we met this past August. I remember that day so clearly. Thank you for offering your presence that night and the initial session that led to a fruitful 3 months of discovery and release of poison that was hindering my joy for life and creation. You are a spectacular coach that truly offers real transformation. I feel like I’m a new woman.

Helen Quon

Graphic Designer, Los Angeles

I’m ready. What’s next?

Coaching is an important decision and I want to help you make the choice that’s best for you.

To explore if coaching with me is the right fit, click below to contact me and I’ll be in touch to set up a time to speak.