Feeling responsible for someone else’s feelings can be extremely draining – it leads you to a lot of analyses, game playing, coddling, and avoidance. It’s been coming up a lot lately in my coaching sessions…


One of my clients was feeling so ready to quit one of her jobs. Yet she’d been with this family for some time and was afraid of hurting their feelings and putting them into crises/distress.


Another was afraid that he’d messed up his chances at a relationship by “not saying the right thing” and “causing” someone to shut off communication, even though, he was expressing his honest feelings.


When you try to be responsible for someone else’s feelings

  • you’re not giving them the credit of being an adult.
  • You’re not giving them the right to have their own emotional experience
  • You’re making assumptions that might be completely untrue
  • You’re holding yourself back from connecting to or understanding your truth
  • No one is served in these scenarios


So the question becomes, how do I be a nice person and not care about someone’s feelings?

Find out in this video…


In the comments below share your biggest takeaway from this video. How can these insights help you in your relationships?