Times of crisis often spur us into action to take better care of ourselves, our relationships, our finances, our hearts, our community, our environment, or our world. You might feel called to start working out, eating healthy, being kinder to your loved ones, taking a dance class, volunteering, protesting, being fearless in your business, asking for a raise, or starting a meditation practice.


Sometimes, that call to action can be accompanied by a feeling of regret: “Why did it take me so long? If only I had done this sooner? What have I been waiting for?”


The answer is…IT DOESN’T MATTER. What matters is you’re feeling it now. What matters is that you heed that call, ride that wave of energy, and make the changes you desire. Who knows why it didn’t happen before. Regret is a waste of time and energy that will only serve to hold you back and cause more regret down the road.


You’re feeling the call now, so go for it.


Is this resonating for you right now? In what ways are you feeling called to action? Share in the comments below.


Lots of love,



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