Awaken the joy

Choreographer, Movement Director, Dancer, and Model Katrina Amato shares her experience of transformation from a workaholic lifestyle, taking care of everyone else first, and a major emotional slump after leaving a traumatic relationship to feeling grounded, confident, fulfilled with herself, and attracting exactly the kinds of relationships and opportunities that feel most authentic to who she is.


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Know your worth

Single-mom and nonprofit fundraiser Jordan Kramer moves from the chaos, stress, and overwhelm of post-divorce single-parenthood and the resulting self-neglect to her breakthroughs in worthiness, how this has transformed her relationship with her boys, and the remarkable sense of calm that now defines her life.


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Live with purpose

Photographer, singer, and entrepreneur Jennifer Daigle shares her path from pain and living an aimless life to living a passionate, purpose-filled life with a clear vision, goals, and the ability to tap into the multitude of incredible resources that surround her and continuously move toward her.


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