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Welcome to The Feel Good Goddess Life!

I am passionate about inspiring women to love themselves, to adore life, and celebrate the blessing of being a woman! I do this through my writing, through education on natural beauty products and essential oils, through Goddess coaching in my Feel Good Goddess Program, and through my yoga classes. All of these are important elements of my own personal self-care rituals that allow me to fully embrace and enjoy my life, with the entire spectrum of all that it has to offer.

The most important thing I have come to learn over these years of self-discovery is that mental and emotional wellness take conscious daily practice.

Like most things you put time and energy into, it becomes easier, move fluid, more natural and increasingly enjoyable over time. The optimal functionality of our heart does not come solely from physical activity and eating well (though those things are extremely important!). It also comes from nurturing your body and soul with healthy doses of self-love every single day. When women learn to do this, their feminine energy ignites and they become the powerful, magnetic, creative, beautiful, and nurturing forces they so desire to be.

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If I had always felt so much joy and gratitude for being alive, I probably wouldn’t know how to communicate it to you.

The truth, of course, is that life has presented it’s fair share of intense struggles, including family issues, depression, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, loved ones with substance abuse problems, and divorce. Thankfully I studied and increasingly embraced personal wellness, including yoga, meditation, nutrition and other delightful feminine arts, over the course of those challenging times.

As a result, I know that self-care is key not only to dealing with stress but also to be able to fully enjoy and be present with all the wonderful things that life offers up along the way.

It gives me so much pleasure to be traveling this road with you. The best way for you and I to stay connected is by joining my Wellness Wednesdays email list. It’s totally free, and I offer up a weekly dose of self-loving goodness for you to ponder, reflect on, and try out in your own life. You can sign up for that HERE.

With much love, gratitude, and joy for your journey,

Sasha Stone