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doTERRA Travel Essentials

I use essential oils every single day, and traveling is no exception. There is no limit to how these precious resources come in handy, but there’s only so much we can carry when traveling. Watch the video below for my top doTERRA travel essentials when heading out of town.     DigestZen: Keeps the belly […]

A mini detox diet that works

I was so excited to find a mini detox diet that didn’t involve starving or living solely off of liquids, and actually worked! Alas, I must share it with you.   You might find it odd to be talking about detoxing right as we’re gearing up for the Holiday season, but there’s actually no better […]

Happy Belly, Happy Me!

“Many people today are depriving themselves of one of the most simple yet profound pleasures of life, the possession of a healthy digestive and elimination system.  It is fundamental to our enjoyment of life, for our digestion influences our whole perception and appreciation of life.” Dr. Swami Karmananda   It’s so true isn’t?  When our […]