My time with Sasha was invaluable.  I was equipped with tools that supported both my personal and professional life.  I was initially intent on working on my business, and instead I was catapulted into a life changing situation.  Sasha’s guidance, coupled with her genuine investment in my well being, helped me stay centered through one of the most emotionally taxing times of my life.  In addition to the abundance of emotional support I received, I also gained critical skills that have challenged me to be an effective entrepreneur.  I look forward to watching my business unfold and thrive.  Sasha’s insight, direction, and thought provoking questions provided me a space to gain clarity and reclaim my purpose.

Heather Bejar

Photographer, Pomona, CA

After nearly two years of financial hardship that left it’s mark with various insecurities, I found myself sitting across from someone offering such nuanced yet barrier-breaking advice.  Anything short of asking, “how and when can I work with you to take these cues you’re providing to the next level?” would’ve been a mistake.
Just a little over a week since my session with Sasha and it’s been an interesting ride already, including that …after doing such deep work in our first coaching call …the energy of the man I had been dating shifted suddenly and dramatically and after two lengthy conversations that same day I made the decision to break off our relationship.  It was unexpected but even more surprising was the relief I found and the immediate sense that I could take care of myself and my journey going forward.
Sasha really holds the space for you to dive into the work you need to do and that can mean releasing emotions that you may not have even been aware you were harboring and that are not serving you or need processing.
I locked down 5 more subs for the coming month in a single day! I followed up with a permanent class lead and landed an interview for the coming week. I was inspired to create three new classes and approached my main studio owner about offering them, with open-arms receptivity!
My confidence is climbing and my spirits are so lifted. Simply releasing some things internally and being open to actively searching for what I need, chances and changes seem to be knocking on MY door!
I am overflowing with gratitude toward Sasha for her kindness, honesty, real friendship and professional art. She is a gift.
Lilah Spies

Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Mind|Body Lifestylist, Dallas + Los Angeles

Before I started working with Sasha as a coach, I was in the process of building a flight department…overwhelmed, drowning in work, keeping a multi-ship private/charter flight operations running, and growing, while training more help, creating a business case, selling the concept and services, and all on a few hours of sleep a day.  Then came a serene stop in motion, a glance in the mirror, my coach Sasha. Sasha gave me the hard reflections in the softest light, and real, useful physical and mental tools to help me to regain my self, my day, my time, my life, my breath.  Today, I am still building that flight department.  I am building it in stride, in a safe, sane, healthy manner.  I look forward to continued coaching with Sasha to refine my leadership skills.  Thank you Sasha!

Stephen Tafel

International Operations/Business Aviation, Los Angeles

Before I worked with Sasha, I was going through life with an underlying feeling of anxiety and fear – and I didn’t even know it.  I knew I was lacking balance and feeling chaotic, but I didn’t know what to do or where to start to find it. Doing her program was a dream come true because Sasha helped to re-align me, and get me back on the right tracks. I was burnt out, overworked, and was not enjoying my life the way I knew I should.

Now, after working with Sasha, I RELISH in my everyday life. No matter what happens in my business or in my life, I feel at ease. My sessions with her have made an immense impact on me. She has introduced me to a new way of being that puts my wellness and enjoyment of life first, and it has affected me in a dramatically positive way. From the way I handle my relationships, to how I approach every day life, to my spirituality and daily practices – I am changed thanks to the work we did together.

Alex Beadon

Marketing + Branding Expert, Alex Beadon

I’m so grateful we met this past August. I remember that day so clearly. Thank you for offering your presence that night and the initial session that led to a fruitful 3 months of discovery and release of poison that was hindering my joy for life and creation. You are a spectacular coach that truly offers real transformation. I feel like I’m a new woman.

Helen Quon

Graphic Designer, Los Angeles, CA

My life was nowhere near what I thought it should be. My boss was driving me nuts, my finances were a mess and the positive aspects of my life were being impacted. Before I started working with Sasha, I was having trouble sleeping and felt like I was in a deep hole.

Sasha was so easy to talk to and helped me ‘see the light’ so to speak. She helped me focus on the positive and take small, but impactful steps to making my life better. My marriage is in a better place, because I am a happier person. I am so grateful.

Starr Todd

Marketing Coordinator , Ithica, NY

I was attracted to the workshop because it came at a very relevant time in my professional life.  I was at a major intersection where I had to make some life-changing decisions and I was interested in acquiring some tools to help me move forward and thrive. During the experience, I loved connecting with other like-minded women who were open, engaging, and ambitious.

Sasha established the space where we could explore our challenges and push past personal and professional roadblocks.  I left feeling renewed, excited, and proud of myself for taking the time and energy to acquire the skill set I need to succeed in this unique chapter of my life.  Sasha’s demeanor, personality, and approach really resonated with me.

Whitney Sherman

Meaningful Travel Coach, Intercultural Adventures

I had been stuck in making a life changing decision for way too long. Working with Sasha gave me the courage to look at myself honestly in a nurturing and safe environment. I learned that I serve no purpose to anyone around me when I remain stuck in my non-decision and not loving myself.

Because I can love myself, those around me feel the difference and I am in a better place to continue on this journey with less self-doubt and a solid understanding of my heart desires. I cannot say enough about what a well-rounded program this is for all the goddesses out there.

Shelley Jacobs

Sasha’s program could not have come into my life at a better time! As an entrepreneur and admitted workaholic, I was overwhelmed with life in general and not handling it well at all. I had just moved across the country from LA back to Chicago, was dealing with the helplessness of losing a close Aunt to cancer and helping to take care of my Dad who had been in and out of the hospital for the first time in my adult life. Forget about my own personal life and relationships. On a daily basis, I was feeling anxious, scatter-brained, stressed, depleted and physically weak. I was at the bottom of my own priority list and Sasha helped me to find balance and take better care of myself. Sasha’s weekly sessions became a sacred time that I looked forward to, a time that I could fully focus on me and learn ways to feel good every day.

As part of the program, Sasha got me back into writing, which I am so grateful for! Working with her made me want to be a better person, better business woman and truly live like a goddess! Sasha has an effortless way about her, and she fully practices what she preaches. I can’t wait to work with Sasha more and encourage others to join the Sacred Self-Care Movement!

Rachel Jimenez

Founder, Rachel J Styling