Dreams Unfolding: A Yoga Teaching Manifesto

My new space.

What is going on at Be Open Yoga??

I am writing this because I believe passionately in what I am doing over at Mind in Body and want to get you in on the magic.  Last month, I took a big leap, and signed a lease to share a beautiful little studio space in Burbank, with the ever-fabulous Molly Hagan of Mind in Body.  I took that leap for a number of reasons:

  • The space is divine! It’s intimate, and has a very gentle and bright energy.  Natural sunlight, soft colors, extremely peaceful and welcoming.  I felt good about it the first day I walked in.
  • Molly is a gem!  If you’re going to do something like this, you better like who you share the space with, and I couldn’t ask for a more generous, thoughtful, and collaborative partner.  I also happen to think she’s an incredibly talented and intuitive teacher.  We work well together.
  • I want to continue to cultivate personal relationships with my students while teaching what is most closely aligned with my heart.  The classes here will be small (10 is great, 15 is packed), so it’s a great space for getting to know what’s going on with my students’ bodies.  Also, as with all of my classes, what I offer will always be a unique blend of yoga styles that foster strength, flexibility, alignment, meditation, healing, and personal growth.
  • It’s ideal for Private Yoga Sessions and Thai Yoga Massage.  For over a year now I’ve been operating my Thai Yoga Massage business out of my apartment, which worked, but made it difficult for me to extend the reach of this magnificently healing art form.  This space is small enough that Private Yoga Sessions and Thai Yoga Massage sessions will still be intimate, but in a more spacious and professional setting than my living room.
  • This is my dream!!  When envisioning the direction I wanted to head in for my yoga and Thai Yoga Massage business, I literally had the thought, “I want a space like Molly’s.”  Somewhere to call my own, that was just the right size for small group classes and one-on-one work.  Then voila!  The space was ready, so I knew I had to be too.

Here’s what you can find there:

  • Fantastic Group Classes that are uncompetitive, supportive, challenging when necessary, and healing in just the ways you need your yoga practice to be for you.  I believe in growth through mindfulness and Ahimsa, non-harm.  My classes are a reflection of that philosophy.  For my teaching schedule at Mind in Body, please see: http://www.sashamariestone.com/be_open_yoga/Yoga.html
  • Private Yoga Sessions: There is no better way to advance your practice and get to the heart of chronic pain, persistent injuries, and other body frustrations than with private one-on-one sessions.  As I’ve experienced with my students, and with my teacher, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience that connects you with the mechanics of your body and the guiding forces behind it.  To book a session, please email: sasha@sashamariestone.com
  • Thai Yoga Massage: An incredibly nurturing and healing experience.  You simply must try it to know how wonderfully transformative it can be.  For more info: http://www.sashamariestone.com/be_open_yoga/Thai_Yoga_Massage.html

I look forward to welcoming you to my new space.



Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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