Emotional Pain to Physical Bliss

Shepard Fairey wall in West Hollywood

As a yoga teacher, I believe that if we take time to open up physically (by releasing tension and increasing strength and flexibility) we can access deep emotional wells and truths within that allow us to feel a greater sense of peace and freedom in life. Well, the result of course is same in reverse.  Just as emotional stress can create holding and physical blockages that manifest as pain and limitations in movement, once we start to confront pain in the emotional body, the physical body feels more free.

I’m not talking about feeling blissful, then having a body that moves with ease, though that can certainly happen.  I’m talking about stepping out of denial.  We have incredible mechanisms of self-protection that unfortunately cause us to hide from the truth, and hide from ourselves.  Though I practice yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and being fiercely present in general, there were and are still elements of my past that had not loosened their grip and that I was not acknowledging.  I felt at peace with the present, so why look at the past?  Well, the past is a powerful shaper of our present (and future) until we do the difficult work of really seeing and letting go.  Thanks to the keen spiritual eye of someone very near and dear to my heart, a giant piece of my own personal truth was revealed and therefore hiding was no longer an option.

The result: emotional pain, heavy heart, tears, fear, loneliness, isolation, anxiety…sounds fun right?  BUT, the feeling in my body…FREEDOM!  Open hips, long hamstrings, expansive shoulders that can only be the result of an open heart.  Though the present may be scary and the work daunting, recognizing truth and knowing that I am on the path to greater self-awareness and personal peace has unlocked tight holdings that were limiting my yoga practice and no doubt many other areas of my life.

Transformation means change and change is painful, even when it is leading to a positive outcome.  It is incredible how the body can integrate that sense of freedom so quickly while the mind struggles to untangle the knots, but it’s a clear indicator that I’m onto something good.

Wishing you wellness on your journey of truth to freedom.



Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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