Be Teachable, Be Inspired

Study Time

Being teachable applies on so many levels and kicks up your vibration in a major way.  From moment to moment, being teachable keeps you open, compassionate, and receptive.  More specifically, being teachable in your creative passion, career or otherwise, keeps you growing, inspired, and thriving.  Allow me to explain.


As a yoga teacher, I am committed to expanding my knowledge base and abilities throughout the course of my entire life.  My first training merely set the foundation for me to step on this path and continue to expand while at the same time diving deep within to discover the truth of my calling.


A couple years ago I made a commitment to myself to find my next teacher.  Not just any teacher, but my mentor, someone I could learn from, and also trust to open me to new ways of seeing the body, of moving, and of working with people in the most impactful and therapeutic manner possible.  I am thankful to say I found that person in Dr. Linda Lack, my teacher and mentor, creator of The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® (“TBFM”).  Working with her has transformed my body, my practice, the way I move through space, and of course, the way I teach and what I am able to offer to my students and private clients.  Quite literally, it has changed the way I think about and approach yoga.  In addition to having a mentor, I am also part of a supportive and highly intelligent learning community with whom I can share this journey and grow alongside.  This keeps my knowledge base fresh and ever expanding.


In a recent TBFM clinic, we were doing a stretch I have done countless times on my own and in my classes.  I always called it a calf stretch.  In all honesty, the reason I call it that is because that’s what it is for me.  In reality, it addresses the entire back of the leg and other people will likely feel it very differently than I do. It struck me in that moment how important it is to always be learning, especially when you are transmitting knowledge to others around you.  The way I feel something in my body is not necessarily how someone else will feel it in theirs, and if I was not willing to be teachable in that moment, I might not have been in a position to receive that information and subsequently communicate it to others in a way that resonates with them.  In order to get out of our own limited scope of vision, we must be open to other ways of seeing and feeling.  We must be receiving new information, and old information in new ways.  It’s essential to our growth as teachers, and as human beings.


As you move along your path, there may be a temptation to assume that learning on your own is enough.  Of course, you are always learning in every moment if you choose to have that outlook in life.  However, finding the right teacher and deliberately immersing yourself in an educational setting reveals things in a more profound and relevant way.  This is not to say that we must accept information blindly and without question, I simply mean to say, put yourself in a position to learn from the people around you, especially those you position as your teachers.  If you want to advance along a specific path to which you are dedicated and passionate, being teachable is even more essential.  This is how you accelerate and grow.  I leave every teacher training seminar I have with my TBFM community buzzing with inspiration, humility, and gratitude to be studying alongside such fascinating individuals and under the tutelage of a true expert in the field of yoga and movement therapy.


How can you move forward if you think you already know it all, or you’ve already reached the top?  Be open to receiving and learning, and the path will continue to unfold.


Let me know what you do to ensure your growth in the areas in which you are passionate.  How do you remain teachable?


Thank you, always, for being open to what I have to offer.  I am grateful and humbled by you every day.




Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

7 thoughts on “Be Teachable, Be Inspired

  1. I loved reading this! So inspiring, how blessed you are to have such an amazing teacher as Linda. I recently received an IPad for my birthday and wow! This has been an everyday learning experience for me, most importantly, realizing that I am more than capable of learning all that this amazing tool has to offer! and all the wonderful knowledgeable people at the Apple store that are teaching me so much, yay teachers!


    1. Thanks for your comment Mom! So great that you are engaging with technology and feeling empowered by your experience. I am proud of you! Thank you for being my teacher 🙂


  2. “…there may be a temptation to assume that learning on your own is enough.” I always continued to study Yoga because I knew my spirit, mind and body were always evolving. So it made sense to me. But in terms of acting? I took about a 20 year hiatus from studying. At the time, I was burned out and abused. So I thought I would continue to learn on my own. Eventually, I stagnated, stopped growing, and developed some BAD habits. I am thrilled to be back in class, with the right teacher for me. And I am so hungry for it. At this moment, I am super teachable. This article deeply resonated with me. You are never too old to learn, to grow or to have your inspiration reignited. To me it is the definition of being alive.


    1. Thank you for sharing Molly! I can see how reigniting your relationship with your acting path is supercharging your soul. Happy to bask in some of that light. Keep it coming! xo


  3. Good morning Beauty! Lovely offering. Yes, once you step on this path all one wants to do is study, learn, take workshops, collaborate, go to school. Although I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and gone thru countless trainings, I had never gotten my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification thru one school. In the old days….it did not matter, you just grandfathered in all of your trainings and your teacher hours. Now that is not the case. So I enrolled in Yoga School last Feb. I am just now finishing up as that pesky cancer shit, got in the way of homework… I was delighted each and every day I had class. I never feel bored, or feel that I already know this, or this is so elementary. I am a full fledged yoga geek and relish the diving, the sifting, the mining for the knowledge, the gold, always seeing from a new perspective. A fresh eye. IT has been wonderful and I am looking forward to diving into my 500 hour certification when this dust has settled. Never done. Always fresh. Happy
    Continued education to you my inspiring friend. love you muchly.


    1. I think that’s one of the reasons our career path is the coolest (with yoga and with Thai massage!). There truly is no end to the learning and evolving, and as we grow and expand, so does what we are able to offer. It’s energizing! I know I will be doing this for the rest of my life, retirement makes no sense to me, it will just always be changing. What I offer at age 103 is very different than at age 33, but it will still be on the spiritual. Love you!!


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