Healing Waters

10 Desert Hot Springs
Sagewater Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA

It’s late at night. I’ve had a full day of teaching, yet I still have a lot of work to do at home.  I start strong, plugging away, the ideas flowing. But then I hit a wall.  I’m tired, and I’m not thinking clearly. Getting frustrated, I decide it’s time to take a shower and head to bed. When I’m in the shower, suddenly I have an epiphany about a problem I’ve been tossing around in my head. Something becomes clear and the inspiration starts flowing again.  After that I’m able to come back to my computer and quickly finish the project I was struggling through just a moment before.


This happens to me often.  I’ll have good momentum with my work, then hit a road block.  If I stay where I’m at, I get no closer to the answers I’m looking for.  But if I get up and do something related to water (wash the dishes, take a bath, take a shower, brush my teeth) something clears and I can see the solution I’m looking for.  For me, water has the ability to flush away whatever is blocking my clarity, and help me plug back into my natural current of creativity and inspiration.


I’m attracted to water’s healing properties on many levels.  I take almost daily Epsom salt baths to remove toxins from my body on a physical and energetic level (I love you all, but working so closely with many bodies and many energy fields can leave one feeling a little…sticky).  A trip to the Korean spa to soak in the tubs and have a good scrub exfoliates away any stagnation and leaves me feeling calm and rejuvenated.  Heading to the beach and simply being in the presence of the ocean allows me to give her my stresses and fears, and her grand scale puts whatever I’m struggling with into perspective.


Lately I’m in the midst of a lot of shifting, excitement, and adrenaline, so I came out to Desert Hot Springs for a couple days in the midst of it to soak in the healing waters, release stress, and prepare for another important time of planning, work, and turning ideas into reality.  For some that may seem indulgent at a busy time, but for me it only feeds my ability to be productive and authentically connected to the work I’m producing.  As I sit here typing next to the pool, I know I will get back to LA feeling calm, cleansed, and ready to the take the next action steps on my path.


Perhaps this is true for you and perhaps it is not.  Yet instead of taking a space-out break on YouTube or Facebook, try doing something involving water and see if it brings the shift or the answers you’re looking for.  Not with any expectation of course, just with the intention of taking a break, and see what comes.  If you need a bigger break, go to the ocean, go the hot springs and give your worries to the healing waters so you can carry on with confidence, clarity, and focus.


What do you do to shift energy when you are feeling stuck or blocked?  What moments away from your work bring clarity and inspiration?  How do you keep your creativity flowing?


Thank you for reading and sharing.


In healing,


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

9 thoughts on “Healing Waters

  1. Good morning dear. I am always so excited to read your Wednesday newsletters! Love the idea of taking a break with water. It makes perfect sense. I have not connected with water since October last year when I went to the Oregon Coast. He have many hot springs here in Idaho and I think it is time for me to go soak. Blessings to you Sash. Glad that your world is flowing.


  2. Good morning Sash. I love and look forward to your Wednesday newsletters so much. Yes, this idea of clearing and connecting with water is right on. I have not done this on a big scale since I went to the Oregon Coast in October. I am long overdue. Fortunately, Idaho is full of hot springs, so I will go forth and soak! Glad you are flowing. much love to you. Jodeen


  3. Love this Sash…..exactly how I feel when I plunge into the ocean – there is something about salt water that rejuvenates my soul and makes everything right with the world. Thank you for these inspiring pieces that start my day off on the perfect note – love always.


  4. Hi Sasha,

    Thanks so much for today’s post. It came to me at the perfect time, I’ve been trying to find a way to release the “creative blocks” that sometimes hold me back, and this is such a great suggestion. From now on, whenever I need to feel creatively refreshed, I’m going to find myself in the water. Shower, hot tub, pool – here I come :).

    Big hugs

    P.S. I keep meaning to tell you: I now have apple cider vinegar with water every morning thanks to you!


  5. I have a commitment to take a hot bath once a week, and it’s shocking how much resistance comes up around this self-care ritual… I feel guilty, it’s indulgent, it wastes water, etc… When I write it in my calendar, I even call it “mineral salt bath” because that sounds more medicinal than “bubble bath.” Since when did taking a bubble bath become a crime?? I admit that I often give in to this self-deprivation and skip my bath. But when I do take a bath, I feel great, rejuvenated, cared for. Thank you for reminding me that a bath is not just a treat, but a legitimate and necessary way of taking care of myself.


    1. I know what you mean Patty. I used to look at bath time as a luxury indulgence, and now I see it as a necessity. After a long day, it really centers me and soothes me for a restful sleep. It’s basically my evening meditation.


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