Get Your Hands Dirty

Do you ever sit down in front of your computer with a clear intention to get work done, then find yourself spaced out on Facebook or just stuck?  The ideas aren’t flowing.  The words aren’t coming easily.  Whatever it is you’re doing feels like a chore?


In our internet based lifestyles, I think most of us experience this more often than we realize.  Yet somehow it’s taken for granted that we must spend hours upon hours each day on our computers or other such devices in order to be functional, productive, and engaged.


I’m currently plugging through an online based program.  The first week I was flying because the work was incredibly inspiring and I was making a lot of breakthroughs.  Second week, things started to slow down.  I would sit in front of the computer and just couldn’t get it together, couldn’t stay focused.  So I made a radical decision: get off the computer! 

Idea Board

Thanks to inspiration from one of my most passionately creative and artistic friends, I started cutting out pictures (with scissors), pasting (with glue), and pinning (with thumbtacks) on a real bulletin board, creating a collage of color and images to inspire the current transformation of my home-based healing space.  Taking real tangible materials in my hands and arranging them led to painting my walls, which led to further awesome ideas for how I will enrich space.  In addition, it gave me clarity on a website and photo shoot project I will be diving into in the next few weeks.  The ideas started flowing because I pulled myself out of my cyber vortex.


That doesn’t mean I don’t have a ton of work to do online, but taking a step away and allowing my creativity to manifest in 3-D cleared the passageways so that now I feel focused and inspired once again.  If I can translate what I am creating in physical form to my online presence, then I know I am communicating from an authentically inspired place.  I adore technology and all it allows me to do for my business and beyond, though I see clearly the necessity of employing my other artistic skills in order to keep the energy flowing in the right direction.


Movement, particularly of the sort that opens the channels of energy in your body (ahem, yoga), is an excellent way to access your creative potential. If you are feeling a little creatively challenged these days, definitely check out my upcoming mini retreat at Mind In Body, Creative Goddess Awakening on April 20. More details on that here.


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Now step away from your computer, pick up a pen, a paintbrush, scissors, markers, whatever you’ve got and get your hands a little dirty!




Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

7 thoughts on “Get Your Hands Dirty

  1. Amen! As my meditation teacher has said, “The animal needs time away from the computer.” Cooking, reorganizing cabinets, sewing, stirring the compost bin, or just going for a walk are all ways that I like to get out of my head and get into my body. Thanks for the inspiring post.


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