How to Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart

The other night I was tossing something around in my head.  Going back and forth, “well, I kinda feel this way, but then there’s this.” (I’d be more specific, but that’s a little too personal). I realized I’d been grappling with this issue for days, perhaps even weeks!  That’s a lot of time and mental energy spent on something that wasn’t getting any closer to being resolved.  And why?  Because I don’t have a solution.  I’m trying to use my will in an area of my life that isn’t up to me.  And why isn’t it?? Because it’s not about me!  It’s about someone else and I have no control over that person or anyone else.


When I realized I was getting myself into that unhealthy loop of trying to figure someone out and how I might sway the tide one way or another, I sat myself down and said, “Sash, it’s time we had a talk.” That’s right, I talk to myself.  And even better, I write myself letters.  That particular night, I wrote myself a love letter.  Yes, a letter oozing with self-love because I believe when we are feeling off-kilter, somehow we have stepped away from love.


I busted out my favorite pen and some markers, because a love letter to me should be adorned with color, said a little prayer to be guided, and began:

Love Letter Page 1

Dear Sasha,


This is a letter from your Higher Self, the you that is your divinity, the you that knows you and loves you more than anyone else. This is the you that hangs out with God on the regular in an eternal state of laughing, smiling bliss. This is the you that knows that everything you want to achieve is in your grasp, and what you’ve got coming is even more spectacular than anything you can possibly imagine.


I take the risk of sharing this portion with you (risk because it is highly personal and some of you may think I’m totally nuts), because perhaps it might guide you in writing your own love letter to yourself. I believe this intro can apply to anyone that needs to rise above their fearful anxious ego and listen to their higher wisdom.


After that, the words just flowed and flowed.  The most important overarching message was to keep the focus on ME, I am loved and guided, and I have nothing to be afraid of.  I know all of this in my heart, but sometimes I need a reminder.  Thank you Higher Self for your wisdom and guidance, and for always having my back.  Thank you God for guiding my words.


Here are three ways you can take action now:


1)    Write yourself a love letter, either in regards to a specific issue you are grappling with or just to let you know how amazing you are.

2)    Report your insights in the comments below.

3)    Sign-up for the Creative Goddess Spring Awakening on April 20, a glorious half-day mini retreat to connect with your body and shower your soul with love.


Have a beautiful day!



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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

8 thoughts on “How to Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart

  1. I love Wednesdays! Yes, I too talk to myself…a great deal. I too have been extolling my virtues and fabulousness to myself and NO, we cannot in any way control how someone else interacts with us, how they love or don’t love us and …it sucks. But, so it is, so we write ourselves love letters and trust and keep showing up and keep our hearts open, because that is why we are here. I love that we are both doing a mini retreat on the same day. Sending you tons of love. You are always an inspiration to me Sash. Love, Jodeen


    1. I love Wednesdays too! I knew this one would resonate with you. Thank you for always sharing so honestly, and for all your love and support. If for some reason we get tired of writing love letters to ourselves, we can write them to each other!


  2. Very right on, Sasha. I have 2 very unsettling situations in my life, both regarding relatives. Writing a letter to myself about these issues sounds like a great way to really get in touch with my feelings and my own inner truth which may be painful to accept. It’s all about love, isn’t it? Learning to love myself more ♥ is an ongoing process. In the consciousness of we are all one, I face myself.


    1. Absolutely Maya! Sometimes in difficult relationship situations, I write a letter directly to that person with no intention of sending it, but it helps to get my thoughts clear. What ofter surfaces is the areas where I need to take responsibility and the areas that I need to let go of. Because ultimately, the only thing we can control are our own reactions, no one else’s. Thank you for sharing and good luck!


  3. We are the self love letter ladies! I love it! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I love when you said: “The most important overarching message was to keep the focus on ME, I am loved and guided, and I have nothing to be afraid of. I know all of this in my heart, but sometimes I need a reminder.” … that’s how I think of it, too. It’s like you know it, but you just need a little reminder, a shove in the right direction. Thanks for such an inspirational post. Big hugs and love xoxo


  4. You’re not nuts! I recently read a letter I wrote to myself 6 years ago when I was going through a rough time, and I was stunned by the wisdom and compassion in it. Mysterious and miraculous. Also really fun to have a trusted friend mail you your love letter at a random time in the future, so it arrives in your mailbox when you least expect it (and usually when you most need it)!


    1. I love that idea Patty, thank you. Receiving a love letter form myself in the mail sounds divine! Thank you for sharing in my enthusiasm of self-love letter writing.


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