Thank You Dr. Ohhira, I Love Your Probiotics

Farting isn’t cute.  That’s right, I said it (my mother is probably horrified!).  But seriously, it’s a natural human function that we would all probably like to keep to a minimum, yet some of us are more challenged than others.


With a predominantly vegan diet, I eat A LOT of vegetables, fruit, and beans.  All fabulously healthy and exploding with nutrients, yet the masses of fiber can act like little gas belly bombs.  When I first did a 21-day vegan cleanse a few years ago, I literally had the thought, I will never be able to live with another human ever again.  Perhaps you are also undergoing some Spring cleansing or other healthful dietary shifts and experiencing the same problem?  Fear not! Probiotics to the rescue.

In my office (kitchen), loving my probiotics.

You may have already read my article on the wonders of apple cider vinegar (if not, definitely check it out).  I start my day with that miraculous remedy, and end it with a probiotic pill right before bed.  Bookending my days with these two belly balancers leaves my gut feeling calm and collected, functioning smoothly, and for the most part, quiet.


I’ve tried a few different brands, but by far my favorite is Dr. Ohhira’s (pictured above).  I find it to be the most effective that I’ve tried, and it’s shelf stable, meaning you don’t have to refrigerate, therefore it’s also super portable.  I recently had to go on antibiotics, which I try to avoid, as they tend to affect me quite profoundly.  I’ve continued with my normal regimen of Dr. Ohira’s each night, and have not had any irregularity whatsoever.  I am not a doctor and I don’t work for this company, it’s just what’s worked the best for me so I wanted to share it with you.  As I said in my apple cider vinegar article, a happy belly leads to a happy you!


Take action now:

1)    Share below any experiences you’ve had with probiotics (positive or negative). Are there are any brands you love and highly recommend?

2)    If you love topics of nutrition and digestion as much as I do, come to the Creative Goddess Spring Awakening mini retreat this Saturday, April 20! Molly Hagan will guide us through an ayurvedic approach to optimal digestion, with a focus on Springtime balancing. Register pronto to ensure you have a spot (email


Happy Digesting!


With love,



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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

9 thoughts on “Thank You Dr. Ohhira, I Love Your Probiotics

  1. It is true, farts are not cute, BUT, they are funny! i have the scatalogical sense of humor of a teenage boy, so I do enjoy them in their own right. But, yes, belly health first and foremost, humor, second. A close second…
    love you Sash


  2. Never in my life did I ever think I would be eating bacteria as part of my regular diet, nor did I think it would be beneficial to my GI tract. Yet such tiny organisms have help me keep (create) digestive balance.

    However, my experience has been opposite in terms of flatulence. After consuming certain microorganisms, I find an increase in flatulence, but than a blissful calm after the storm, with less flatulence.

    On a side note, it cracks me up in yoga class when someone (including myself) cannot contain their flatulence. I know it’s kid like, but I usually have a little smile/smirk, trying to contain my laughter.


    1. Yes, it’s true, once people start contorting their bodies, many gasses are released, some more explosively than others. If it makes you smile or giggle, it’s all good 🙂


  3. I love probioics! I haven’t tried this brand but I’m going to check it out now. I use them continuously and amp up the amount I take if I have any weird digestive stuff going on. I have even convinced by boyfriend of how amazing they are. He is (like most dudes) pretty gassy. The first time I gave him probiotics he noticed within about 6 hours, he was no longer gassy and his stomach felt more stable.

    Thanks Sash!!!


  4. I must agree that farts are hilarious, and my wish is for everyone to find a mate who you can fart in front of, and preferably, laugh about it with. That said, I suspect not everyone is as enamored of my flatulence as my husband is, so I will give probiotics a try. Not sure the apple cider vinegar is doing the trick, but I’m continuing with it based on your rave reviews.


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