What do YOU want?

My mission these days is to get people to ask themselves this very simple yet vitally important question.  Seems easy enough, you might even think you already do it, but I guarantee most of the time your mind flips so fast to obstacles, fears, insecurities, and judgment that you don’t even have time to be aware of what it is that you want in any given situation, far less from life in general.


I wouldn’t bring this up if it wasn’t something intimately connected to my own life. I recently had to get very real about what it is that I want for my business.  I went through an in depth process that led me to the exact nature of how I want to serve through my business, in a way that utilizes my strengths and makes me feel so good to do it I can barely contain myself!  Through that process I came to realize that a) The greatest impact I have with my clients is through my one-on-one practice and b) The most powerful environment to do that in is my home.

healing space
Home healing space. Welcome!

This left, of course, a very big question up in the air.  What do I do about my studio?  I share it with an exceptional woman whom I adore; I’ve borrowed and invested a lot of money to make it work over the past year; (then the thoughts start to get ugly) I’m a loser if I can’t make it happen; people will see me as a failure; I’ve completely wasted my time by being there…on and on it goes.


So then I try with all my mental might to come up with the appropriate solution to this perceived problem.  Molly (my partner at the studio) and I discuss different scenarios, and rather than walking away from it I volunteer to take on even more responsibility!  We go down this route for a moment, but something just isn’t feeling right to me. In my gut, something’s not working.


One day I go to the studio, and it hits me like a ton of bricks.  I know what it is that I want to create, yet I’m still not doing the necessary letting go to make it happen. I’m putting too much energy into figuring out what doesn’t work rather than investing myself in what does.  Focusing on my home practice and building something truly special that will impact people’s lives in the most transformative way possible does not make me a loser!  This allows me to lead a truly authentic life in which I am doing exactly what I love while having the greatest impact possible, in the most sustainable way possible. 


Contrary to what you might think, this was not an immediately elated realization.  The truth is, I cried and cried and cried.  It was a release.  A letting go of tight holding.  A massive surrendering to my path, which is not easy.  And I was afraid of disappointing people.  But I know, in my heart, when you do what is truly right for you and aligned with your greatest good, it is what is also right for everyone in your life and beyond.  It contributes to the balance and harmony of the Universe in its entirety.  That is powerful!


When I got real with myself, it gave Molly the opportunity to get real with herself about what she wants too, and as a result, Mind In Body will close as of June 1.  My time there has been an incredibly meaningful and valuable journey.  I am thrilled with the work I have done there, and excited beyond belief about the program I will be launching in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for updates.


I passionately believe you owe it to yourself to ask what it is you really want, removed of all obstacles, judgments, preconceived notions, or expectations.  What does your soul truly desire?  When you align with that, you are living your highest purpose, and from there, more truth will be revealed.  You don’t need to know all the answers.  You don’t even need to know how to make it happen.  But you do need to take the first step of knowing, in your heart, what it is that you want.


Take action now:


1)    Sit in silence, close your eyes, breathe, and focus your attention on your heart center (center of your chest).  Ask, what do I want?  Then watch your thoughts.  Watch the picture that forms.  What are you doing?  What do you love to do the most?  Don’t force it. Just let it come. 


2)    Report your insights below.  Or share right now on how this article impacts you.  Are you doing what you want?  Does it freak you out to even consider it a possibility to do what you love?


3)    If you are in a time of transition or simply not knowing, I am here to help.  Book an appointment with me for private yoga or Thai yoga massage to help bring you deeply into your body and connect with your spirit.  I am now seeing clients at my home in Hollywood (Larchmont area).


Be true to yourself.


With love,



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image from flippingsocial.com
image from flippingsocial.com

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

5 thoughts on “What do YOU want?

  1. Dear Sasha, Yet again, you speak what has been in my head as of late. I have this amazing house and it lends itself completely to doing exactly what you are doing. I have been having gatherings at my house and the response has been amazing. It feels so good to have this offering. To be the cosmic/yoga/massage/healing Hostess. I am digging deeper as we speak and working towards expanding these offerings. Thank you for inspiring me my friend.
    i am so proud of you and your ballsy courage. I love you.


  2. Dear Sash, wow! your article was so inspiring and so much food for thought, especially now as going through a huge move is always difficult for me, reading your article made me sit quietly and think about what I truly want


  3. You are such an inspiration, my dear Sash! Though it sounds like making this decision was very tough, I am so happy for you and excited to hear more about your updates. Sending you much love and encouragement! xoxo


  4. Inspiring! There’s never a downside to following your bliss. When I changed direction in my writing career, it was scary but felt absolutely right. It may not look like other writers’ careers, and I may not get the external cues (like money, for instance) that I’m a “success,” but the bottom line is I had no choice in the matter — I knew I had to follow my heart. I think you know what I mean. Congratulations, Sasha. I’m so excited for you.


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