Video: Be Calm and Centered in Two Minutes

Last week I asked, “What do you want?” You may quite honestly have responded, I don’t know.


The truth is, we all have many voices speaking to us from within (not to mention all the voices from without). These internal voices might want different things, and might even contradict each other. All these conflicting messages can drive us to confusion, undesired results, anxiety, fear, and stagnation.


Here’s my take on it. There’s a big difference between what the ego, or little self, wants versus what the Soul, or Higher Self, wants. When you get in touch with what your Soul wants, that feeling of total serenity washes over, because it speaks loudly as truth, and is deeply connected to your heart. Whether it’s matters of work or love, when it’s right it’s right and you just know it.


Problem is, it can be hard to hear the voice of truth over all the chatter, noise, and feedback. So how do you get in touch with that voice? Well my friend, through meditation.


I know I know, you’ve tried and you just can’t do it! The mind is too loud and it won’t let you sit still.



In this video, I present a simple technique for calming the mind and focusing your attention inward. I do this every morning before I meditate, to help bring me into the moment and ease any anxiety I might be carrying with me. It’s something you can do as meditation prep, or any time of day you need a moment to chill out, and turn inward.



Now I know you’ve heard this before, but meditation is a practice, and the only way to breakthrough the discomfort is to keep practicing, like I’m trying to do with my video skills ;). It’s not about being good, or doing it right, it’s just making time to sit still and be quiet with you.


Next week we’ll go deeper into the meditation practice, so if you’re not a subscriber, sign-up now so you receive the video right in your inbox!


Take action now:

  1. Try alternate nostril breathing and in the comments below, let us now how you felt before and how you felt after.
  2.  If you are a seasoned meditator, share some insights on how you prepare for meditation.
  3. Share this video far and wide! Everyone needs tools for being calm and centered.

Thank you for your presence and your practice.




Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

6 thoughts on “Video: Be Calm and Centered in Two Minutes

  1. Thanks for the beautiful video… I enjoyed the alternate nostril breathing (but you’re right about my nose stud kind of getting in the way!)

    Just wanted to share that as a longtime meditator, I don’t do anything to “prepare” for meditation, I simply get my butt on the cushion. A lot of folks resist meditating because they believe they need to feel centered or calm, or they believe that if their minds are filled with thoughts during meditation, they’re doing it wrong. There’s no such thing! All we’re doing in meditation is sitting and watching all of it — including those thoughts of “I’m doing this wrong” — with compassionate acceptance. It’s definitely a practice, especially the acceptance part, but anyone can do it.


  2. Excellent job Sasha – amazing video skills! I plan to use this technique regularly. Thanks for always making me stop, sit up tall and breath deeply – just that motion gives me an instant pick me up.


  3. Hi Sasha, thank you so much for your generous comment on my Traveling Prayers blog. And, thank you for your blog — like your classes, your writing is thoughtful and wise. I’m enjoying reading your earlier posts. Best, Marina


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