Go from Crazy to Confident in 5 Minutes

Perhaps your finances are a mess. Maybe your life is in transition and you’re feeling uncertain and scared. Or you’re just yearning to invite more love into your life.


With the speed of life as it is, and all the demands and expectations we place on ourselves, it’s not uncommon to find yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unsupported.


In this video I share with you what I do to stay positive and confident in hard times.  If you’ve been following my May Meditation Series, you know I am passionate about the power of meditation to shift your energy and perspective. This technique goes right to the heart of the matter in a simple user-friendly way that’s custom-made just for you.  Enjoy!



Remember, if you’re new to meditation, start small. Try 2 minutes of silent repetition, then gradually increase as you feel comfortable and ready. It’s about the effort and practice, not how “good” you are at it.


Take Action Now!

  1. In the comments below, share your personal mantra.
  2. Send this video to 2 people you know could use some help accessing their awesomeness.

Thank you for you care and attention. Happy Meditating!


With love,



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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

4 thoughts on “Go from Crazy to Confident in 5 Minutes

  1. Sash, this was very helpful for me, as I am going through a real unsettling time in my life, mostly involving a couple of moves, which always tends to be stressful. My Mantra is “Jesus Help Me” when I breath in and out, very comforting. I will definitely try your Mantras, it is all very calming, thanks so much!!


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