There are no Mistakes: Reflections on my Year at Mind In Body

Mind In Body is closing. This Saturday, June 1, is the last day of class.  


For those of you that don’t know, Mind In Body is the studio that I moved Be Open Yoga to a year ago. It was a risky and ballsy move as it did not fit a typical yoga studio model, but since being laid off from my fulltime job 5 years ago, I have not shied away from such moves. Rather, I have embraced them as I see how futile it is to cling to any ideas of what we should be doing with our time on this planet. Life is about what you WANT to be doing, then making it happen.


However, it takes time for the vision of what you’re creating to come into clear focus. When the studio opportunity came up, my idea was to have small, intimate classes at one primary location, and a suitable space for working one-on-one with clients. Mind In Body was the ideal space for that.

20 MIB

Ultimately though, it didn’t work. The truth is I was still trying to fit my business model into the mold of what I saw around me, and was shying away from what I most desired to create. It would be easy to see my time there as a “mistake” or a “failure,” but I choose to look at these moments as stepping stones and huge learning opportunities. Here’s what I’m taking away from my year at Mind In Body:


1)    Clarity on what is most near and dear to my heart. The most powerful way I serve through my work is in my one-on-one relationships. Yes, I do love to teach classes and I know my students get a lot from what I offer. But I thrive in one-on-one scenarios, both socially and professionally. I like to go deep, getting to the heart of my clients’ strengths and challenges. It’s a beautiful process of unfolding and growth!


2)    Knowing where I like to spend my time. I don’t like to be in too many different locations. The studio was a shared space, so I was only there half the week. Which means I supplemented my time with home visits to private clients and my class at Liberation Yoga. I was all over the map every week.  Some people dig this. I don’t. I find it draining and a big time waster. Home is where my heart is.


3)    Boundaries. The key to feeling energetic and productive, and doing good work, is boundaries around my work schedule. My time at the studio taught me the importance of having a clear window of availability, and set days off. I love my home space and do my best work there. With set hours, I am super productive during my work times and can fully enjoy my off times.


4)    The best use of my resources. My favorite part of doing what I do is working with YOU! Whether it’s through my writing, my teaching, or my Thai sessions, quality time is of the essence so minimizing overhead is vital. Working independently, no matter what you’re doing, means you’re a small business owner, which takes time, work, and effort to thrive. You must know where and how you want to direct your energy and embrace whatever that is for you.


5)    Meaningful relationships. Over this year, I was able to deepen relationships with students I had before the move and forge new ones with people I may not have met if I hadn’t opened shop at Mind In Body. I’m excited for the next phase of these relationships, and for the rich friendship I have with Molly, the most loving and generous studio partner a girl could have asked for.


6)    Surrender to guidance. Tapping into guidance will always steer you in the right direction, even if it seems a little winding and foggy along the way. Call it Intuition, God, the Universe, or the Tao, when you can access that higher wisdom you cannot go wrong. There are lessons to be learned, some of them long, some of the expensive, but just keep listening and follow your personal truth. All will be well.


So what now? I am still teaching my beloved Tuesday evening Level 1 class at Liberation Yoga, 6:30pm-8:00pm. The rest of the time, I am running rich and dynamic programs at home, to help you love your body and feel energetic and centered in your life. You can check out my luxurious Thai Yoga Massage offerings here, and my uniquely customized Private Yoga offerings here. Stay tuned for the release of my Premium Wellness Package, which select private clients are already snapping up!


Take action now:

1)    Reflect on one decision in your life that you consider a huge mistake or epic fail, and consider how in retrospect it actually served as an important stepping stone or massive learning opportunity.

2)    Share your insights in the comments below. In my experience, sharing helps to solidify and expand learning on many levels.


Thank you for being part of my journey.


With Love,




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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

2 thoughts on “There are no Mistakes: Reflections on my Year at Mind In Body

  1. Sasha – words are not enough to describe how much I look forward to your wisdom and energy every Wednesday morning. On my walk to work today enjoying the sights and sounds of a beautiful city coming to life I felt incredibly blessed and reading your words each week just emphasize all the goodness and beauty around me. Thank you.


    1. That truly touches my heart Aunty. It’s always good to know that what you’re putting out into the world is landing softly and received with gratitude. It’s such a pleasure for me to share what inspires my heart. I love you! xo


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