How to find more Freedom in your Life

Yesterday, I made a life changing decision. I hired a cleaning lady.


Life changing? Really? Yes! This is something I have wanted and contemplated for years! But I kept resisting it because I couldn’t stop thinking, “I can do it myself. Why waste the money?”


What I see now is that it’s the farthest thing from wasting money. By taking this empowering step (inspired by my brilliant cousin Alex Beadon’s blog), I am doing the following:


–       Liberating my mind from the burden of that to-do item.


–       Creating more space in my schedule to work on my business, whether it’s behind the scenes tasks or directly with my clients.


–       Upping my level of professionalism with an immaculately cleaned space. (Most people know I’m a clean freak, but this is truly a whole new level of cleanly, organized bliss).

I have never been able to see all the items in this drawer so clearly. That makes me happy.
I have never been able to see all the items in this drawer so clearly. That makes me happy.


–       Circulating abundance by paying someone for a service they provide.


The overarching theme of all of this is FREEDOM! You can’t always predict the direct monetary benefit of paying someone for something that you could do yourself, but if it creates greater freedom in your life, then chances are it’s worth it.


I’m not saying that hiring someone to clean your place is the answer for you, but you might be a person that takes on A LOT in your life, because you’re talented, smart, capable, and put a lot of pressure on yourself to do it all. I know, because I’m the same.


This is a bad habit though, and one that you can become addicted to. The feeling of business and overwhelm might become so ingrained in your psyche that you don’t realize there’s another way to operate.


The good news is, making a change is easy once you’re willing to do a little letting go. I challenge you to take a brief inventory of your to-do list and find one thing that you’re willing (and happy) to say goodbye to. It can be something you hire out, that you delegate to someone else in your life, or that you simply let go of completely. Find it, hand it over, and enjoy the freedom of more space and time!


In the comments below, please share one thing you’re taking off your to-do list and how this will lead to greater freedom in your life (and maybe even in someone else’s).


Thank you for letting me share these moments of inspiration with you.


Be free.





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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

16 thoughts on “How to find more Freedom in your Life

  1. Awesome! I just hired someone to mow my lawn for you and know exactly what you mean! The young man I hired was so grateful and now I want to bless more peoples lives 🙂 You’re post inspires me to allow more abundance into my life so I can allow it to flow to more people. Thank you!


  2. Good Morning Beauty! As always, so inspired by your blog. I just recently hired someone to mow my lawn, although I am perfectly capable of doing so. All of that self imposed stigma of “don’t be a weiner you don’t need a man to mow your lawn. you can do it yourself.” Yes, I can do it myself, but it is not on my list of priorities at all right now. I am about to move to a new house where the lawn care is all included (praise be!) But for now, I am creating some space for me.
    Wishing you all the best.

    love, jodeen


    1. This is my new realization. Just because we “can” do something, doesn’t mean we “should.” Sharing the responsibilities of our life cultivates connections and keeps energy flowing in a positive way. I say hurray for giving away the man jobs! xo


  3. This post is truly brilliant! I’ve been having an internal battle with the cleaning service idea for months, because while i am short on time and want to focus on my art, I thought ‘I am capable and my mom raised me to clean up after myself.’ You’re right though! You’re helping someone else out and freeing up time for yourself!


    1. Amanda, believe me, I was in the same boat. I actually like the day-to-day cleaning (doing dishes, making things tidy) but the hard core scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming…ugh. What I notice is now that I have someone coming in to do it, I am even more tidy because it looks so good, I don’t want to mess it up. Really, it’s wonderful and very freeing, and you are helping someone else out! Go for it!!


  4. Sasha, I have had a cleaning lady for 35 years. At this point, I have no interest in doing it myself, especially floors and windows. She is also looking for additional work, is honest, reliable,speaks English and is reasonably priced. If you know anyone who may want a referral, let me know. ♥


  5. I love this posting especially since I’ve been thinking and talking about hiring someone to help me for years. I definitely need the support more than ever now. Send me referrals!!


    1. It’s such a great move! My lady’s name is Paula, I will get her number to you. And see Maya’s comment as well and let me know if you want her info 🙂


  6. Sasha!

    You know what’s funny? This is one thing in my life that is always weighing heavy on my own shoulders, but (like you) I always feel that because I’m capable to get it done, I should just do it.

    You now have me seriously reconsidering it, and I think I’m going to test it out for a month when I get back from my trip to England and see if it helps clear up space in my mind and time that could be used on better things.

    THANK YOU for being so wonderful.
    xoxo LOVE and hugs!


    1. My love, there is no turning back. You will see. Knowing that it’s taken care of and is on the calendar for next week clears major space in my mental space. Let me know how it goes!
      Love to you too!! xox


  7. No more trimming my own bangs. Even when I don’t completely mess ’em up, they never look as good as when my hairdresser does the job.


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