Fun: The Essential Ingredient to your Wellbeing

The path of wellness can get very serious at times, eating right, sleeping right, discipline, meditation, organization, etc. What sometimes gets overlooked is an essential ingredient to keep you energized, looking young, feeling vibrant, and being creative and magnetic…fun!


This weekend I went to a “heart therapy” event on Saturday at a yoga studio, and Reggae Fest at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday. Guess which event was more spiritual, more authentic, more uplifting, more energizing, and infinitely more fun? The reggae concert of course!


I’m not saying that to put down spiritually focused events, because I do actually find those to be fun and uplifting (usually). But there’s nothing quite like being surrounded by thousands of people, all moving, jumping, and waving to the sounds of Jamaica, everyone with huge smiles and open hearts. It feels like a celebration of being alive.


To me, enjoying good music and dancing with people is about unity, free flowing energy, and primal human nature. When all those voices joined together on Sunday to belt out, “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, cuz every little thing’s gonna be alright!” how could anything possibly be wrong in that moment?


My call to action to you this week is to step out of your routine and put something fun on your calendar. And when I say fun, I mean really with the only intention of relaxing and having a good time. If you live in LA, there is no shortage of summer fun being offered up. Take advantage! Get out, be social, and enjoy what the city has to offer. Feel your spirit light up with good music, beautiful spaces, and happy people. Here are some of my personal faves:


1)    Hollywood Bowl: Concerts all summer long. Bring food, wine, beer and enjoy.


2)    Movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery: This is by far the best way to enjoy a movie. Everyone on picnic blankets (again with food, wine, and beer). So fun.


3)    Hangout poolside: Hit up a friend with a pool (or sneak into a local hotel) and enjoy a day lounging poolside. It’s like a mini vacation.


4)    Play hookey and spend a day at the beach: Sure you can go on the weekend, but it’s way more fun to take a day off, pack up your cooler, and spend the day by the ocean. Another way to enjoy a mini-vacation.


5)    KCRW Summer Nights: Free concerts and dj sets in Chinatown, Pasadena, and at the Hammer Museum.


6)    Grand Performances: Music, dance, plays all free, downtown. So good.


There is so much more. Let us know your favorite ways to let loose in the summer in the comments below.


Celebrate your independence and send love to all those fighting for their own.


With love,



P.S. Start your July 4th holiday with Hot Summer Hike and Stretch at 9am, then Gentle Restorative at Liberation Yoga at Noon.


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

4 thoughts on “Fun: The Essential Ingredient to your Wellbeing

  1. So true Sasha – I am starting my weekend off with a bang and heading to a pre-Caribana boat cruise on Lake Ontario – one of a few that I will attend over the summer months – the best medicine for the soul!


  2. Love it! Every summer I get super busy with fun activities like the ones you mentioned. This summer is no exception, and I’ve been feeling a little guilty about it. When I was a teenager, my parents would say things like, “You’ve had enough fun.” What a message! I now need to remind myself regularly that there’s no such thing as “too much fun.”


    1. I totally understand Patty. What I realized though, is that we are hyper responsible, so there is not danger in having fun because we’ll get done what we need to get done anyway (even if it doesn’t happen within our own rigid timeline). Thanks for sharing!


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