Balance Your Stress by Being with People

Even with all I do to keep stress in check, life still gets overwhelming. When I have a lot on my plate my tendency is to isolate and shift into workaholic mode. If you have high expectations of yourself, it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough, so you have to do more and work harder to feel like you’re achieving at your desired level.


I was having these feelings a few weeks ago, and suddenly, in a flash, they went away. Why? My best friend arrived in town for a visit.


Me and my BFF
Me and my BFF

Neither of us was in vacation mode. We were both on our computers working away and both had meetings with clients in the midst of our visit. However, her presence grounded and calmed me, and all that I was stressing over suddenly felt more manageable, and honestly, hardly worth the stress. I was able to re-prioritize and focus on what needed my immediate attention, take care of things in a timely manner, and get back to enjoying my time with her.


Stress and anxiety are not productive, limiting your efficiency and creativity. Sometimes lighting a fire under your ass can be a good a thing if it springs you into positive action, but if you allow feelings of overwhelm to take over, the action can seem more like a chore than an energizing experiencing. Then you moan and complain and feel sorry for yourself, and nothing good can come of that.


Isolating myself with huge blocks of time to work and no clear stopping point is the opposite of productive for me. It only makes me feel more stressed, lonely, and frustrated.


When I make time to be with people with whom I am closely connected, who provide me with positive support and uplifting energy, I am reminded of my basic human need for love and affection. Being with friends and family is my favorite thing about being alive, helps to balance my energy, and ultimately makes what I offer to you richer and more meaningful.

Being silly with my bro
Being silly with my bro

Soon after my best friend left town, I spent a magical 2 weeks in Toronto visiting some of my most beloved friends and family, and reconnecting with my Trinidadian culture (which, believe it or not, thrives in abundance in Toronto). It was spirit juice. I was able to put work aside and enjoy time playing, talking, laughing, and being fully present with people who love me deeply. Such a gift!

My beautiful Gran
My beautiful Gran

I am grateful to have people in my life with whom I can share these experiences and feel supported. Part of it is the blessing of being born into a very warm and loving family. However, the bulk of what I have today is because I choose to make a conscious effort to nurture the healthy relationships in my life and minimize the draining and toxic ones. These past few weeks have served as a crucial reminder that no matter what I have on my plate, making time to be with nurturing people in my life is of pivotal importance to my health, wellbeing, and enjoyment of life. The same goes for you!


Take action now:


1)    In the comments below, tell me about one person in your life that helps you to feel calmer, grounded, and nurtured.


2)    Call/text/email someone you love and make a plan to spend some quality time together in the very near future (maybe today!).


3)    Forward this to someone you love and remind them of how important they are to you and that you’re there for them.


Lots of Love,



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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

12 thoughts on “Balance Your Stress by Being with People

  1. Hello Beautiful! Well, YOU make me feel grounded, calmer and nurtured. Our time together, (although a tiny couple of times, but very powerful) and our phone conversations always give me a new perspective and we always laugh heartily. Thank you for being in my life and I hope to get to see you and your life in L.A. sometime in the nearish future….


    1. My darling, I totally agree. In fact, a phone call is in order! Was thinking about you yesterday and thinking, I need some Jodeen in my life. I love you! Can’t wait to catch up.


  2. Thanks for the inspiration as always! Just called my long-time friend and booked a date for this Sunday at a local jazz festival – beautiful weather, music and company equals a full heart!


  3. You constantly inspire me and amaze me Sash, we have such a beautiful family, my brother Stephen always makes me feel loved, nurtured and happy!!!!!


  4. When my husband and I are together, we’re like little kids who just love to play. We can have fun doing anything together, even mundane things like laundry or grocery shopping. I tend to do things quickly and efficiently, but my husband does things with more of a “meandering spirit” and it’s a very good influence!


  5. Welcome to the secret! I agree with all of your comments about stress. Family and friends is the way to go. I loved seeing you with your lovely Granny. What a treasure. Keep us informed.


  6. Dear Sasha, I enjoyed your webpage. There must be a balance in life. No work will cause loneliness and depression. Too much work will cause stress and frustration. I do play Caribana every year. My dad’s uncle makes me feel calmer and more grounded. Blessings!


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