Feeling the Funk: How to stay up when it feels like you’re coming down

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There’s something in the air, the cosmos, the stars, and the water. I, and many people in my life, are feeling a little down, a little stuck, in a bit of a funk.


When these patterns occur, I look for commonalities, and what’s happening for all of us is obvious, major transition. When I say major I mean major: changing sexual orientation, moving from a lifestyle of addiction to a lifestyle of wellness, falling in love, and moving to a new country.


All of these things are wonderful and hold potential for serious self-discovery and life bliss. So why the funk? I believe the answer is two fold: coming down from the initial excitement and the stirring up of old demons.


Let’s start with the former. When you hit a nugget of gold, one of those moments of truth that bring major clarity and inspiration for change and movement, the feeling of exhilaration is intoxicating. You might wonder why this wasn’t so clear before? It feels so right, you want to plow ahead and make it happen yesterday. I know this, because that is how I am. See it, feel it, make it happen now.


However, the reality of the process involved comes into focus and you realize to get from point A to point Z requires many important and necessary steps in between. At this time you might get discouraged and say, “Forget it! I’ll just stick with comfortable mediocrity and the status quo.”


Well that will never work because you are now aware of a new truth in your life, whether it’s where you want to live, whom you want to sleep with, or how you want to spend your free time. This probably involves a journey of sorts, and my suggestion to you is to write down the nearest destination you envision and the baby steps involved in getting there. Rather than being overwhelmed by the process, look at the step-by-step in concrete terms and celebrate each little milestone along the way. This keeps you grounded in the present with a vision for where you are going.


Now for the latter, the demons that rise up. As we get older, I believe that when good things happen they are accompanied by demons. When the light shines brightly we might find some skeletons in our closet. Again you might be tempted to shut the door and hide in the dark, but don’t.


This is an excellent opportunity to come clean with whatever it is you’ve been hiding, avoiding, denying, and rationalizing. Now is your moment to get honest with yourself and anybody else in your life those demons might involve. Woman-up, or man-up, and step into your new chapter feeling renewed and ready for what life presents.


You can do it. I believe in you!


Take action now:

1)    In the comments below, share how this resonates with you. Are you in a funk? Is it because of a transition point in your life?

2)    Send this article to someone you know is feeling a little funky. It just might help to brighten their day.


Much love,



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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

8 thoughts on “Feeling the Funk: How to stay up when it feels like you’re coming down

  1. Wow! I have been in a funk for the past few weeks, and mainly because of change yet again in my life and for me it is also the time of year, thanks for inspiring me yet again!! I love you❤


  2. :o) … what you are bringing to our attention in this week’s blog is always in play. It seems like every so often the energies reach critical mass. Comparing to past exepriences, I would have to say that, for me, it is more profound than ever before and challenging. My emotions are very stimulated and I see myself weeping and laughing for no explicable reason. I’ll take them as pent up releases of old baggage. The consciousness of warring in the world goes on. Therefore, I choose to live in peace and as a result, any conflicting or attack thoughts are being noticed and released into love and forgiveness. One of the keys to personal transformation is to pay attention to how we are perceiving our ‘reality’. This is our mirror. So much of who we think we are is merely memories in our subconscious and even unconscious minds. Being the Light, we are able to burn away the darkness within and script new tapes for ourselves. I am grateful for my willingness to see things differently and become a better representation of Source. I keep my daily affirmation in my bra. When I tried on a new bra in a store today, I did not notice but I dropped it. I hope someone finds it, reads it and that it helps them to become a better being, too.
    Thank you, Sasha, for bringing our attention to the fact that ‘we can do it’. Yes, we can. ♥


    1. Maya, thank you for this incredible share. Simply with your being and your conscious approach to life, you are contributing to the peace and harmony of this planet in the most profound way possible. God bless. xo


  3. Definitely in a transition, as my husband and I just found a new place and we’re moving next month. I’m super excited and busy getting ready, so it’s easy to miss the signs of funk… but no doubt my system is in shock. I’m trying to be present to that, be extra committed to self-care, and honor any feelings of sadness about leaving the house we’ve lived in for the last seven years.


    1. Wow Patty that’s huge! I’m so excited for your both. Moving is a big deal and will surely bring up a lot. With your solid meditation and self-care practices in place, I’m sure it will be an enjoyable process no matter what it presents.


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