Feeling bogged down? Look up!

You know the feeling. When you’re down, stressed, overburdened, overworked, or consumed by a negative thought pattern the tendency is to look down. While you walk, your gazed is fixed on the sidewalk, mind mulling and obsessing. Or maybe you’re stuck at your desk, gaze fixed on documents or emails for hours on end. Perhaps a creative project has you engrossed in details and you simply need to give your eyes and brain a break.

When you get into that mode it’s easy to feel stuck and overwhelmed by your situation. Here’s my advice to you: Look up! And I don’t mean look on the bright side. I mean literally, look up. Go outside, look up at the sky, look up at a tree, even look up at your ceiling (we often miss interesting ceiling patterns or light fixtures due to our tendency to look down). Looking up is not only a natural mood lifter, it helps put your problems into perspective when you feel how small you are beneath this immense canopy of blue, white, gray, green or whatever you see when you turn your gaze upward.

You just never know what you might come across…

37 Clouds

Pretty clouds

37 Tree

A tree encased in flowers

37 Dinosaur

A dinosaur!

37 Full Moon

A full moon

37 Magical Sunset

A magical sunset

37 Disco Ball

A disco ball

37 Santa

A giant Santa

37 Blue Sky

An insanely blue sky

37 Archway

A beautiful archway

37 Spiderman

Spiderman, stuck in a planter

37 Through the Trees

The sky through the trees

37 Sunset Palms

Another awesome sunset

Take action now:

1) Go outside, look up, and share in the comments below how turning your gaze upward makes you feel.

2) Like and Share this on facebook (buttons below) to give your network a little uplifting.

Chin up!

Lots of Love,


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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

6 thoughts on “Feeling bogged down? Look up!

  1. A Dinosaur!! Ahhh what positive vibes get showered your way when you look up and see a hungry T-Rex staring back down at you! Actually, looking up has always helped me. I seem to get a lot of answers come back , maybe not right away but eventually because i took the time out and put my head to the sky…good things always come back!
    thanks for that Sasha.



    1. Well if you didn’t look up to see the T-Rex you wouldn’t be able to a) snap a photo or b) run for your life! So again, looking up brings positive benefit. Glad to hear it inspires you as well.


  2. I loved the tree encased in beautiful flowers, the sunsets, the sky through the trees, today I truly did have to look up, to see the beauty of today and to ask for guidance, thank you my Sash❤


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