Four steps to being in the moment with the good stuff

It’s easy to think that the challenge with remaining present lies in the life events we find unpleasant or undesirable. Yet too often, even when the desirable presents itself, we are quick to leap into the future and imagine what’s next. The problem with this is that our enjoyment of that good thing, whatever it may be, is fleeting and quickly becomes mediocre or not good enough as we imagine all the better things soon to come.


This very thing happened to me last week, and I was struck by how profoundly different it felt to be truly present in the good moment rather than letting it pass me by.


I write these articles weekly, and have done so for 40 weeks straight now. There were many posts before that as well, though not on such a regimented schedule. I write these articles because I want to get the message of wellness and self-care out into the world, believing passionately in the transformative power of self-love. Doing so also keeps me connected with you, and therefore the opportunity to promote my wellness services.


On a whim, I submitted an article to one of my favorite websites,, and they picked it up! Within two days it was posted and featured on their home page, sandwiched between two of my spiritual heroes, Deepak Chopra and Malala Yousafzai. The day after that, I was the first article listed in the “Best of Intent” newsletter, along with Deepak, Malala, and the infamous Kanye West. So cool!!

40 Intent page


When I first got the news the article was posted, I cheered, woo hoo! Then my mind flew into the imagined future, having tea with Deepak in India. Yep, article posted on Intent one day, tea with Deepak the next. Thankfully, I was able to laugh at myself and say, “slow down sister, enjoy this for exactly what is, because it’s really awesome in this precise moment.”


Throughout the next couple days, I kept stopping to take note of how enriching this one small step was. There was my piece, sharing space with people I truly respect, particularly with a young woman who just days before had my heart bursting with joy over her deep wisdom.


I have been working consistently at my writing, and having it published on a site with many contemporary spiritual leaders I respect was an important moment. When I let myself acknowledge that and just be in it, I was flooded with waves of joy and heart warming bliss. I could have easily jumped into the “what’s next?” and “what does this mean for me?” mode of thinking, but that would have robbed what was special about having my article picked up in the first place. Letting myself feel it, and then share the good news with my loved ones, made the experience all the more rich and plentiful.


Here’s what I suggest for you when something comes along that you deem good or a success:

1)    Do a little cheer or happy dance.

2)    Say “Thank you!”

3)    Take a few, or many, slow deep breaths and let the feeling wash over you, like you’re drinking. Acknowledge how being consistent and showing up led to that very moment.

4)    Share the good news with people you love so they too can enjoy the moment and celebrate with you.


You work hard. When your efforts are met with success, small or large, take the time to feel and acknowledge it. This reinforces a sense of gratitude that what you are experiencing in this very moment is wonderful and is enough. It fills you up, rather than leaving you automatically wanting more.


In the comments below, share something you are celebrating, so we can all cheer you on and enjoy this moment with you for exactly what it is. Then share this post out into the world, so everyone can celebrate what is great in their lives in this very moment.






P.S. You can view the “Best of Intent” email I refer to HERE.

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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

7 thoughts on “Four steps to being in the moment with the good stuff

  1. This is very interesting and timely Sasha. Yesterday, I celebrated my daughter passing a test to get her into a really good school. But almost straight away I have been racing on in my mind worrying about whether I am making the right choices for her which has almost entirely squashed the initial feelings of happiness and pride. I am going to try to just be happy and proud of her today and forget the rest of it. Thank you for helping me do that.


    1. It’s amazing how the mind instantly tries to sabotage by pulling us out of the moment and into anxiety and worry. This is wonderful news!! What it means 10 years from now you have no way of knowing, but right now in this moment it’s a great accomplishment that deserves celebration. Congratulations Layla!! xo


  2. Wow!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! So proud of you and all your hard work. I love Wellness Wednesdays and loving my meditation sessions


  3. Congratulations, Sasha! I’m so happy that your excellent writing is being acknowledged and it’s great that you’re observing your process around celebration.


  4. Being in the present moment. I’ve had wonderful dates that were heart warming and beautiful moments in love. Gratitude is the key to being in the present moment. Most of my dates, are just dates and no lady would call me up. I don’t expect for that, as expectations could lead to disappointments. I like how you said so a happy dance which I like to do in the mornings listening to oldies :).
    The good news is that I have a relationship with a woman that is fulfilling and so respectful. It’s the giving, and love is all giving. What’s next? I don’t know and best I don’t know. Love is about the little gentle moments to be thankful for. I don’t know what will be tomorrow but I can be happy in the present by myself.

    Congratulations Sasha!!


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