Thank you for your trust

While everyday presents infinite opportunity to be grateful and express appreciation to those around you, in case it hasn’t been at the top of your to-do list lately, Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to do just that.


Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to thank you. I interact with the people I work with on many levels, some simply through my writing, some face-to-face with yoga and Thai yoga massage, some remotely via Skype on meditation and soul-care. In all that I do and all that I offer, it’s the deep level of trust you place in me that strikes me the most.

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This work is extremely personal and intimate, even if we’ve never actually physically interacted or exchanged words. Simply by reading my weekly offerings, you are entrusting me with your time and attention. With the pace of our lives and plethora of distractions, trusting that I have something to offer that is worth a moment of your headspace is a gift I do not take for granted.


If I work directly with your body through yoga and/or Thai yoga massage, I consider this to be an extremely sacred privilege. I know that I am skilled at what I do and have the capacity to help many people improve the quality of their lives through freedom of movement. When clients come to me seeking my help and guidance, and put faith in this work, we make amazing changes together. It’s fun and exciting, and could not happen without your confidence in this process and your willingness to do what it takes. I am so incredibly proud of you.


More and more I am working with people on meditation and other forms of soul-care (more info on that in the New Year). In these sessions we dive deeper into the inner workings of the mind and explore tools for reducing stress and allowing the joy of the spirit to shine through. You confide in me, you get real about your doubts and fears, and you are willing to be vulnerable. It absolutely blows my mind and humbles me every time. I learn so much from you, and value your willingness to be open more than you can possibly know.


Thank you. Thank you for being real, thank you for your time, thank you for your openness, and thank you for your trust. I value you so much and appreciate your presence in my life, on whatever level it may be.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

3 thoughts on “Thank you for your trust

  1. I want to give thanks this Thanksgiving for you!!!!!! My beauty❤ you continue to inspire me every day!! you are an amazing young woman, I love you dearly❤ HAPPY THANKSGIVING Sash!!


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