Take what you love to the next level

It’s a brand new year! And with that comes renewed energy and inspiration to be healthy, live well, and take good care of yourself. Whether or not you are one to make resolutions and set intentions, the energy is in the air and time to start new endeavors, or restart old ones, is ripe.


I have some serious suggestions for you to make the start of 2014 more empowering and energizing than any other New Year you’ve experienced.


Step One: Before plowing ahead, remind yourself what an awesome year you had in 2013. All the guiding questions you need are HERE in my article on Intentblog.com.


Step Two: Take what you love to the next level.


How often do you resolve/intend to do things that you actually don’t enjoy (which is probably why they make your list year after year in the first place)? Feeling positive and healthy should be fun, and when it becomes that way for you, it will feel normal rather than like a tiresome effort. Instead, why don’t you reflect on something you truly enjoy, and take it to another level by finding a class and learning new skills, a new way of doing it, and meeting new people?


For most of my life I have loved to dance, though I’ve never actually taken dance classes. Yet when music’s on I’m moving my body and can’t imagine it any other way. For as long as I can remember I’ve admired professional dancers, particularly partner dancing, and longed to move like that.


Over the past decade the study of yoga has dominated my world of exercise and movement, and dance has been relegated to random parties with great DJs. Finally in September I said, what am I waiting for?? I sought out a class and teacher I liked, landing in Salsa classes with Leslie Ferreira at Third Street Dance.


I knew I’d struck gold when I left my first couple classes floating on cloud nine, full of energy no matter how tired I felt prior to entering the dance studio. By my third class the teacher invited me to join her holiday party performance team, which I did thanks to her encouragement and despite my complete lack of experience (maybe you can spot me in the video below ;).


It was incredibly challenging to say the least. However, it opened up a whole new world for me in a city I’ve lived for over ten years. I went out salsa dancing alone to gain more experience and ended up having some of the best nights of dance in my life.


Perhaps the coolest of all is going out to the parties I would go to before and feeling that my body is moving in a whole new way. Taking my love of dance to another level made something I already enjoyed even more fun and added a new flavor to it. I have new friends, new places to go, and a new passion I’m excited to pursue.


Rather than the same old gym routine, take a class, find a teacher you love, do something different that awakens your childlike passion for learning and improving. An enriching and full life is one that is a constant learning process and a continual opportunity for growth. You never know what it will awaken within or what doors it will open for you unless you try!


Happy New Year!!


Lots of Love,


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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

4 thoughts on “Take what you love to the next level

  1. Awesome! That looks like so much fun! You’ve inspired me to keep doing Zumba even though my first class was a disaster. 🙂


    1. Patty, before I found salsa I went to an afrofunk class, which was an amazing workout but a total disaster! My body just doesn’t move that fast, so I feel you! Either it will start to feel fun for you, or you’ll try something else and love it.


  2. Hi Beauty and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    That looks like a blast. I am so proud of you just putting it out there and learning and doing new things. You seem to be utterly alight right now and it is so great to see. I wish you all the best in the new year and I hope to see you live and in person sometime this year in your fair city. Love to you Sash.


    1. Happy New Year!! I would love to see you live and in person my darling. 2014 is certainly looking to be an interesting year already, to say the least. Sending love!


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