It’s good to freak out sometimes

There is a lot that I do to keep myself feeling well, happy, balanced, and positive. Yet even with all these practices in place, there are times when something throws me off and my emotions get the better.


This week I share why it’s not only ok, but also good to freak out sometimes. Take a look, then share in the comments below any experience you’ve had with expressing your emotions and how that helped you move past whatever issue you were holding on to.



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Keep it real!

Love, Sasha

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

10 thoughts on “It’s good to freak out sometimes

  1. Good morning dear Girl,

    So sorry to hear about your bag, but so glad to hear about your willingness to feel and acknowledge. Way to go!
    I have a friend, (actually an ex-friend) who was so devoted to never feeling anything but “happy and positive” emotions, that she became this passive aggressive time bomb.
    I am a fiercely passionate human being and I feel and experience everything that crosses my mind….and then I let it move through. I do not act out or attack, but I feel. Sometimes the very act of actually allowing yourself to feel gives it less power, because you are not expending so much energy in trying to stuff it.
    A lifetime skill. Always in process.
    As always, you are such an inspiration. Keep up the good work. Love to you.


    1. I agree completely, that letting yourself feel helps to diffuse the power of the emotion. By trying to hide it or pretend it’s not there, it only screams louder! It was the most important lesson I learned while on a 10-day silent meditation retreat. It has remained very close to my heart and I bring that lesson back every time I notice I’m trying to deny that I’m feeling sad, anxious, hurt, angry, etc.
      Thanks for sharing my love!


  2. I love this, Sash. You handle whatever life throws at you with such grace and positive resolve. Thank you for sharing your experience and being venerable to us, your friends and audience. I have often times tried to edit my reactions and am overly critical of how I “should” feel or what I “should” have done. I am learning how important it is to respond and not react so quickly, but to also just feel what I feel and not judge myself by it. It is absolutely healthy to get angry, to cry, and throw a damn fit every once in a while! I’m shaking my fists with you at United right now, and still have hope that your bag finds its way to you.

    Please keep doing more videos, so we can hear your soothing voice and see your lovely face!!


    1. Thanks for sharing Rachel! Yes, by judging ourselves we only add drama to our situation and make ourselves feel worse. Acknowledge how you feel with love and compassion, take care of yourself, then move on when the time is right. Lots of love to you!


  3. Amen to all of that. When I was in the middle of moving, we talked about how all the exhaustion, frustration and discomfort of that chaos was turning my neck and shoulders into a total mess. Remember you told me to go out into the woods and scream? All I needed was to acknowledge and accept that “I don’t like this” instead of trying so hard to be “okay with it.” And I’ll also add that it’s super important for me not to go into a story about how this feeling is going to last forever, whether it’s an uncomfortable emotion or a stiff neck. Everything passes (including us!)


    1. So true Patty, thank you for sharing. Yes, we can make things very dramatic in our heads, but if we can just acknowledge how we feel “in the moment” there’s no need to embellish the story. Moving is a very stressful event no matter how happy we are to be doing it. Glad you’re settling into your new space!


  4. I loved your video Sash!! Not only do I get to listen to your incredible words of strength and inspiration, I get to see you as well


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