The Dalai Lama on self-love and the economy

I am a passionate advocate for self-love as the solution to pretty much every problem. Whatever it is you’re dealing with—stress, relationship issues, money troubles, health problems—taking a stance of self-love will lead you to a bright solution and an exciting path of healing. If you don’t believe me then perhaps you’ll believe His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


On Tuesday, February 25 I was blessed with an invitation to join one of my clients at The Forum in Inglewood, CA to see the Dalai Lama in person! Being in the presence of a conscious world leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner that strongly advocates compassion as a necessity for global change was an opportunity I could not pass up. I woke up that day like a kid on Christmas morning, bursting with excitement and anticipation. Armed with my green smoothie, I hopped on the bus and headed down.

60 with ticket
Floor seat!


His Holiness did not disappoint. He walked on stage smiling and laughing, filling the entire venue with joy. To my surprise, the focus of his talk was on economics and the dramatic gap between rich and poor which is growing nationally and globally. He spoke of the need to instill in the minds of the poor that they are not inferior simply due to their economic stance in the world. Self-confidence is key in order to empower people to know that they have equal rights to happiness and prosperity because they are human. If you can help someone feel confident and empowered, then you can help them rise above their circumstances.

60 HH speaking
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama speaking at The Forum


The Dalai Lama spoke of our wonderfully complex human brain, and that unfortunately too often we put that power and complexity to use toward violence, cheating, bullying and destruction. However, if we fill ourselves with a genuine concern for the wellbeing of others, then there is no room for such destructive thoughts. As social animals, transparency and trust are pivotal to our survival and to creating happy and healthy communities. And that begins with education that is centered on mental training, happiness, love and compassion. If we want to be able to help each other, and help the world be a better place, it starts with loving and nurturing the self. With that, your capacity for generosity and creativity become limitless.


This is not a radical idea! It’s just that we believe more in fear than we do in love. We believe more in the number of likes we get on Facebook than on our own self-approval. We constantly seek affirmation from external sources, always wanting and grasping, rather than filling our own vessel so we can be generous in turn. That’s what it’s all about people! Love yourself with the utmost joy and pleasure. See yourself for the divine, beautiful spirit that you are, nurture your inner Goddess or God, and you will have nothing but a sincere desire to spread that joy and abundance to those around you.


“But how do I get there?” You might ask. There are many paths to self-love, but like with any form of fitness and wellness, it takes practice and daily attention. You cannot have a fit body without healthy food and consistent exercise. In the same token, you cannot have a sparkly spirit without nourishment and consistent attention. If you want to lead a happy life and have an impact on the world, it absolutely must start with you. How you treat yourself is a reflection of how you treat others. Take good care of yourself and see how your capacity to care for and nurture others expands. See your creativity take flight! If your tank is full, you will naturally want to share that love and energy with the world around you.


The best part is, self-love is accessible to everyone, and I am here the help guide you in some simple practices that can have a huge impact on your outlook and approach to life. Join me for soul-care sessions and experience the expansive transformation that loving yourself more fully and completely can bring to your life. Click HERE to begin your journey.


In the comments below, share one self-care practice you weave into your life that makes you feel loved, nurtured, and joyful. How does it help you show-up for life and be fully present for those around you?


With love,


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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

8 thoughts on “The Dalai Lama on self-love and the economy

  1. Good morning dear,

    Nice post. I saw the Dalai Lama in Salt Lake City (I know! Ironic right?) about 7 years ago and it was quite remarkable. Such a powerful, playful spirit. So glad that you got that opportunity. Sounds as if all is well with you, and that makes me happy.
    Much love, Jodeen


    1. All is in huge flux! But loving and embracing it all. Allowing self-love to be central to all my movements and decisions, and it is steering me in new and exciting directions. Love you sister.


  2. I love and am so thankful for the context and purpose you give to “self love” and “self care”. Intention is everything, and I think the intentions, or purpose, behind self love and self care can either empower a person to cultivate their highest selves (which can only be of benefit to others), or it can disempower them and create confusion and constant dissatisfaction. I’m currently in day 3 of the 19 day period of fasting for Baha’is, where I fast from food and beverages while the sun is up. Every morning I wake up before sunrise, eat a light breakfast (in fact I make myself eat something since I’m generally not hungry at all) and drink lots of fluids. Then I take a good 30 minutes to say prayers, read things that I’m drawn to read (this morning it was “Some Answered Questions” by Abdu’l-Baha and a meditation from my CoDA “Daily Meditations” book 🙂 ), and then I’ve also found myself doing a 15 minute beginning “wake up” yoga routine off of YouTube. The benefit of these soothing, personally intimate practices have been immediate – instead of being tired and sluggish I am awake and attune to myself and others. I notice myself more, and I notice others more at an intuitively deeper level. I have the same amount of time in my day and have the same life to-do list as I did on March 1 (the day before the fast started), and yet I don’t feel rushed or harried or stressed. I feel connected in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, by 5pm I’m counting the minutes before sunset 🙂 but these past few days I’m NOTICING sunset, and when I break my fast at night there is an internal surge of thankfulness, of gratitude, not just for the food but for the will to keep my very personal promise to God to participate in the fast, and to allow (to surrender, I guess) to some of the mysteries of faith and belief that are hard for me to do generally. …Once the fast is over I will keep up this practice of reading and praying before the day starts, and drinking lots of tea and water because its benefits outweigh the 5:30am wake up. I will also take from the fast the need to be grateful in all circumstances. (Side note: since my appetite decreases significantly during the fast my dinners are much lighter and earlier than usual, so it’s actually easier for me to wake up in the morning.)


    1. Sharon, thank you for sharing all of these wonderful insights. Sounds like you are going through an important period of fasting and cleansing, on many levels. For me, my morning ritual is perhaps the most important aspect of my self-care and self-love. It goes as follows: drink water, read from a spiritual/inspirational text, pray, meditate, do yoga, drink tea and eat breakfast. When I start my day this way I feel nurtured, connected to my spirit, and connected to God’s guidance. You really can’t go wrong. What better way to show up for life and for the world than feeling filled up, loved, and supported from the inside out?
      Feel free to post updates on what you are experiencing and discovering throughout your fast. Sending lots of LOVE!!


  3. My daily nap. Thirty minutes each day when I close the curtains, undress, climb into bed and give myself permission to do nothing but rest. It’s amazing how even when I don’t think I’m tired, I will immediately konk out the minute I close my eyes. I think if everyone got more sleep, the world would be a happier place!


    1. Patty, this sounds so divine, and I agree! Most of us are walking around exhausted, which makes it very difficult to be your best. I admit this is a constant area of challenge for me as I love my time in the evening and in the morning. Perhaps a midday nap is the answer for me too! Thanks for sharing.


  4. I like your message. It’s so true, we must have the atmost understanding and compassion for all, that’s how we should live. When I hear the word compassion, I think of understanding. To be able to forgive others, and accept people is best. There is no grudges. Sharing is Caring. Be kind to everyone you meet, because circumstances change and one day when we need help someone will be there to help us. I see kindness in the people I meet. It’s a wonderful thing to feel accepted and appreciated!


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