Get out of town

I know this in my heart, yet sometimes it goes neglected. Getting out of town is necessary wellness for mind, body, and soul.


The day-to-day is very alluring. We get wrapped up in schedules, deadlines, what’s coming next, and what we have to prepare for. Everything we have going on seems so important that walking away from it, even for a short while, feels irresponsible or completely impossible.


Guess what happens when you do leave though? All those details you were obsessing over, everything that seemed so urgent and impossible to set aside, simply melt away. The emails, the projects, the daily happenings on facebook…all of it will still be there when you get back, and you’ll be so much more relaxed and refreshed that dealing with it won’t be so stressful.


Distancing yourself from your daily routine, even if you love it, gives you invaluable perspective.


I was lucky enough to have a work related excuse to get out of town. Though the trip involved yoga and Thai yoga massage, there was ample time to explore an incredible city, eat amazing food, and be immersed in a different culture, different way of life, different energy. Honestly, even on the plane ride over I was hit with masses of inspiration and clarity about my life trajectory and what my priorities are in this moment.


It all served as an important reminder that weaving in time out of town completely removed from your regular daily life, is not just important, it’s necessary.

It gets your creative juices flowing, and helps put life into perspective. And best of all, when you come home to those that matter to you most, their warm and loving embrace is oh so sweet.


Take action now.

Look at your calendar and schedule some time away. If you can manage it, take a week off, explore somewhere new or go visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Just commit yourself to it and trust that the details will fall into place and whatever doesn’t probably wasn’t that important anyway. In the comments below, tell us where you’re going and when! Never underestimate the value of public accountability.


Enjoy some travel photos below of my trip to Hong Kong. Like and share this article so that others can be inspired to take a small journey away from the day-to-day.




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Hong Kong ParkHong Kong Park

Central District HK awningCentral District market

Central District HK eggsCentral District Market

Central District HK yellow statueCentral District

StanleyStanley Beach

Stanley treeStanley (How amazing is that tree??)

Kowloon Park hibiscusKowloon Park

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

5 thoughts on “Get out of town

  1. Beautiful and gorgeous post!! I so agree with you, and am planning a solo weekend away to NYC to see friends and explore the city I love. Nothing will stop me from manifesting this is two months…I can already see myself strolling through MET and Central Park! Yippee!


    1. When are you going Karyn?? I’ll be there the weekend of June 7 for a conference. Would be so fun to see you there 🙂 I can feel in your words how much you need it and how much your soul will rejoice as a result.


  2. Hello Beauty,

    So inspiring. Would love to hear about your adventures. I was in Hong Kong about 30 years ago….(gulp) and went to Stanley Beach as well. Your photos brought back all of the sounds and smells and sights of that trip. I went to Mexico last year for a yoga retreat and it reset me in a huge way. Now, I am looking at almost three weeks in Europe with Lily starting at the end of May. London, Paris and Florence. Although the planning is daunting to say the least, I eagerly await the expansion of my world and perceptions and am so excited to see where I land upon my return. Much love to you Sasha


    1. Wow, Jodeen that would be such a beautiful adventure!! I went on a mother-daughter trip with my mom a couple years ago to France and England, and it was such a special time for us on many levels. Can’t wait to hear all about it.


  3. I agree Sash!! getting away from your every day surroundings makes the world of difference to how you feel and look at things in your life, even on my brief times that I would go to Florida it always felt good and then I would look forward to getting back to reality


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