The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure

Did you miss me last week? Today marks my 70th Wellness Wednesday, and last week was the only week in that stream of 70 that I have not posted an article and sent out a newsletter.


So what happened?? I went on vacation! It’s not that I haven’t traveled in 70 weeks, but even while away, my laptop always remained close at hand. This time I made a solid commitment to leave my laptop at home and be fully immersed in absolute real time off, completely present with my precious family in a colossal convergence of celebrations (my mom’s 60th birthday, my dad’s retirement, and their 40th wedding anniversary) on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten.


A very important aspect of my practice over the past several months is what led me to make this bold move and completely disconnect for 9 days. It’s something I’ve incorporated into my meditation, into my prayers, into my writing, and into the decisions I make all throughout each day.


It’s the practice of tuning into pleasure and allowing deep intuitive desire to be my guide.


For some this may seem like a radical concept, for some frivolous, and for others indulgent. But here’s the truth of the matter. Anyone with a dominant essence of feminine energy (we all have some degree of feminine and masculine) is at their best when their pleasure is being nurtured. That means, for many of us, particularly ladies, the best thing we can do to be healthy, happy, productive members of society is ensure that we are doing what makes us feel good at any given moment. Pleasure is what fuels us and allows us to shine our brightest.


Problems arise when we find ourselves disconnected from the seat of our pleasure and can no longer identify what it is we actually want in any given moment. Not knowing, or not following that intuitive drive is what leaves many women feeling stressed, exhausted, angry, and resentful. Tuning into that guidance, like anything worth doing, takes consistent daily dedication and is a skill that can be honed and sharpened like any other.


Perhaps the most powerful step I’ve taken in this practice is adding a prayer from A Course in Miracles to my daily morning practice:


Where would you have me go?

What would you have me do?

What would you have me say?

And to whom?


What I’m noticing is that even when there are conflicting voices in my head, I am much more consistently able to tune into my intuitive desire, which never steers me wrong. It was that desire that told me to leave my laptop at home in order to recharge my internal battery and fill my love tank.

My family makes my heart swell


On the very last day of my holiday, even though still surrounded by family, I wanted to be sure I spent the day doing exactly what I wanted so I could come home feeling fully refreshed and energized. I said my prayer for guidance and the day flowed beautifully.


Starting off with a long beach walk and swim with my soul sister Aunty Barbara.

plumbay 3


Followed by a trip into the gorgeous French town of Marigot with Aunty Barbara and Uncle Stephen, where I was determined to find a fabulous new bikini and drink a cappuccino by the sea.



The cab dropped us right in front of a beautiful shop I didn’t know existed where I found said bikini. My trusted shopping companions also found exactly what they were looking for at shops nearby. We then took in the setting sun with cappuccinos and delicious food at Café de Paris in the marina (a perfect recommendation made by the bikini shop owner).



It was the most lovely last day I could possibly have dreamed of, and it’s all because I followed my guiding pleasure.


The most beautiful part of it is, when you are following your desire, you inspire others with your joy. It’s not that you are doing anything at the expense of anyone else. You are simply tuning in and taking action accordingly. By doing so on my last day, I also sparked the interest of my Aunt and my Uncle who may not otherwise have made the excursion into town and enjoyed what the mini-adventure had to offer.


Take action now:

In the comments below share how this resonates with you. Do you feel as though you are connected to your desires, or often compromising them for the sake of your to-do list or for the desires of those around you?

I invite you to start incorporating this prayer into your daily practices and see where it takes you!


Lots of Love,



P.S. If you are feeling extremely disconnected from your intuition and your desires, fear not, as I have a wonderful program coming your way in the next couple of weeks. It’s my most exciting offering to date and I can’t wait to roll it your way, as these are the practices that have truly changed my life. Stay tuned!

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

10 thoughts on “The very fun practice of tuning into pleasure

  1. I love this, Sash! I enjoyed the pictures and hearing about your blissful trip. Thank you for reminding me to follow my desires and nurture my soul! Congrats on your 70th Wellness Wednesday. I did miss you last week. In fact, I searched for your email and then remembered you were on vacation. Good for you for unplugging and rebooting. Walks on the beach are my favorite time to talk to God, and it sounds like you had some quality time with him as well! 🙂

    Hugs from Chicago,


    1. It is a wonderful time to talk to God! The ocean is so healing. Thank you darling, and know that you had a great deal of inspiration in this by encouraging me to read Mama Gena!! Love you so much.


  2. You are always able to put into words the feelings I have but have not been able to express. This last year has been about me reconnecting what actually brings me joy. Previously, I had put all my focus into WORKING HARD. There wasn’t room for nurturing, pampering, or joy. When I was in my twenties I KNEW how important all that was and somehow I forgot it. I would never think twice about doing what truly fed me. Whether it was a massage, a facial or taking a vacation where no one could reach me (easier 25 years ago), I was taking care of myself. It produced a kind of freedom of spirit that could sustain me in hard times. Now at 52 years of age, I am starting to behave and feel that way again. It is glorious. And frankly Sasha, you have been a huge part of that. Thank you!


    1. Did you notice that those two ages are the reverse of each other (25 and 52)? Cool! So glad you are tuning into your pleasure and nurturing yourself Molly. It shoes in your beautiful glow. I’m so happy to hear that I’ve been a part of that! You’re welcome 😉


  3. I just have to say your weekly blogs always hit home with whatever is going on in my life. I’m going to try the daily prayer this week! Need to regroup within myself.

    Thanks for all you say – It does reach our hearts, even when we don’t say it 🙂


  4. It’s funny how the word “pleasure” can set people off — oh no, that’s bad, that’s indulgent, that leads to something terrible. We live in such a puritanical society! I think the way Joseph Campbell put it was “follow your bliss.” I always loved that advice. Whether it’s the bliss of doing work that lights you up, or the bliss of shopping for a bikini and having a cappuccino, it’s all the same. If we practice happiness, we get happiness!


    1. Yes yes!! It’s quite insane actually that the world “pleasure” elicits a negative reaction. Funny. Love your insights and contributions Patty. Thank you 🙂


  5. I love those questions: Where would you have me go? — What would you have me do? –What would you have me say? –And to whom? — they leave so much room for ‘outside the routine-inside the self answers’. I just asked them of myself – I didn’t get past the first question! I knew instinctively, immediately that I needed to go to my local Baha’i meeting tonight and not stay at work late. The answer was not directed by me and yet it came from me, it was a deeply unconscious and yet empowering feeling of guidance. Thanks Sash, for sharing of yourself.


    1. That’s beautiful Sharon! And isn’t it amazing how quickly the answer comes? We can sit in confusion not knowing what to do, or we can simply ask for guidance, and guidance is there. Thanks for sharing love. I hope you had a great meeting!


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