Invest in yourself! It’s always a good idea.

Have you ever really wanted to do something that feels exactly like what you need, yet you talk yourself out of it because you don’t have the time or the money?


We’ve all been there, and to some extent this can happen in small degrees on a daily basis. Of course it’s important to be grounded in reality, but you can’t always know all the reasons why upfront, or the entire roadmap of the how.

Sometimes you just have to go with that deeply intuitive feeling that propels you forward.


I made a bold move in September to purchase tickets for a conference in New York happening in June with Nathalie Lussier, one of my online business mentors. Even though it was a long time away and money was tight, I loved her style, and didn’t want to pass up the chance to receive her instruction live and in person. Plus, if I purchased my ticket early I’d get to attend a VIP lunch with her and some of the other speakers (I’m a huge fan of bonuses!). So I took the plunge and bought my ticket.


The event was Off the Charts Live, and, well, it was off the charts! The value of what I received far outweighed the cost of the event or getting there, and I am bursting at the seams with knowledge and inspiration I can’t wait to implement.

It all started with making the commitment to invest in myself.


Purchasing the event ticket well in advance meant I had to follow through and get there. As soon as I had money for it, the airfare was purchased, even though it meant scraping by in other areas. Everyday I’m embracing the power of asking for help, and I did just that for my accommodations. I spent the first night with an old friend from high school, having a fantastic time catching up. The rest of the weekend I stayed in a gorgeous apartment on the Upper West Side, facing Central Park, lovingly entrusted to me by parents of a dear friend who had never even met me.

Amazing how the Universe shows up for you when you invest in yourself, ask for guidance, and reach out for assistance.


73 Central Park

Central Park


Of course, being in New York City is a magical experience in itself. Add to it an event that doles out a multitude of valuable information, practical guidance, and serious inspiration and you just can’t go wrong. Day one I felt overwhelmed with information, knowing it had so much value but not yet knowing how it all integrated. Day two it all came together for me, I received the exact clarity I needed and everything that was brewing up until that moment finally made sense.

The path ahead became solid in my vision, and I received the exact motivation necessary to forge ahead with confidence and excitement.


73 the goddesses

My favorite goddesses of the weekend, Varelie, Jessie, and Jillian. So many girl crushes!


Best of all, of course, was the people. Intelligent, creative, beautiful women entrepreneurs paving their own way in the world surrounded me all weekend. I bonded with a select few incredible goddesses with whom I know I will continue to conspire and collaborate. They filled my soul and gave me the exact reinforcement I needed to know that I’m totally on the right track. I also got to interact with Nathalie on several occasions, and exchange a couple of hugs, which was a huge energy boost. She’s such a smart and lovely lady clearly pulling in high quality women from all over the globe. Priceless!

73 with Rebecca and Nathalie

With Nathalie Lussier and Rebecca Rapple. Starstruck!


The whole experience served as an important reminder that investing in yourself is always a good idea. When you believe in yourself and your worth, you never stop learning, growing, and expanding. There are an infinite number of people, places, and experiences to learn from, and by making a strong commitment to self-improvement, the payoff is massive, even if you can’t see it ahead of time.


I can’t wait for all that I have to present to you over the coming weeks, including a program that will take your goddess self to a whole new level. Yes!!


Take Action Now:

1) Is there something you’ve been wanting to do that you know will help you grow, expand, heal, or just feel better? Take the plunge and invest in yourself. If you’re looking for something like that and you’re not already on my email list, definitely sign-up HERE. I have something very special coming your way.

2) In the comments below, please share an experience you’ve had of investing in yourself, and how it turned out for you.


Keep expanding beauty. We need you!


Lots of love,


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

13 thoughts on “Invest in yourself! It’s always a good idea.

  1. Wow what an amazing experience!!!!!! meeting such beautiful people and receiving all the valuable inspirations from the conference. I have wanted to do something most of my life, and just reading your amazing article today made me think of it again hmmmm……. I know it is never too late


  2. 2 years ago an opportunity arose to take a hands on Ayurveda class. It was about an 8 month commitment. And it required more money than I had at the time. But I knew I needed it. I grappled with whether I could do it or not. Finally, I took the plunge and put my down payment in. It changed my life. In the past I hated cooking, would rarely do it, and literally put anger and resentment into my food when cooking (may sound funy but true). Now I actually love cooking and sharing it with my partner. I have become a conscious buyer, preparer and eater of food. I am significantly healthier than I was 2 years ago and the whole experience put me on a road to make better choices in my life In all areas. I am actually happier! And it all started with this class.


    1. Awesome Molly!! Definitely sounds like the investment was well worth it. It’s funny how initially we look at these opportunities through such a narrow lens, but in the end, the impact is lifelong. Happy you took the plunge!


  3. Sash, wonderful uplifting article! Several years ago, I decided to place my severance check funds into a yoga teacher training and a month-long trip to Mexico. Both of these experiences were insurmountable to shaping my perspective on life and long-lasting happiness (still working on this one!). At the time, after being laid off, it was a little crazy to take such large sums of money to fulfill these dreams…I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Recently, I missed two trainings (prenatal yoga and Yoga Trance Dance) which I regret since one only happens one-a-year. It’s time to set aside those funds again to keep re-investing in myself. Thanks Sash!


    1. Isn’t it incredible how when we just do it, the effects are so profound and long lasting, it’s hard to believe we hesitated in the first place? So happy you took that journey, and I’m sure there are many more to come. Lots of Love!! xo


  4. So fun to hear about your amazing experience in NY (and I love your business casual)! For years I had fantasized about going on a writing retreat, but balked for lots of reasons. One big reason was that the writers’ retreats I found online weren’t offering what I truly wanted: quiet time in solitude. I didn’t want a group of people to dissect my work, which is what a lot of those retreats were about. I was looking for more of a Walden Pond experience. Well, last year I decided to create my own writing retreat. I booked a week at a lodge in Idyllwild and made up a compassionate daily schedule that included time for writing, walking, and soaking in the bathtub every night. It was magical. I got tons of writing done, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to celebrate and honor the writer in me, to spend quality time with that part of myself. The inspiration from that week still motivates me today. And yes, I’ve booked my next writing retreat for this fall, and I plan on doing it every year for the rest of my life!


    1. Patty that’s so beautiful! I love what you said about the point not being about how much writing you got done, but about honoring the writer within. What a fantastic celebration of you! One of my Thai massage teachers advised that we all take at least one week a year that’s all our own, completely removed from our day-to-day, to nurture, replenish, and heal. I think it’s a vital self-care practice that many of us overlook (myself included). You have inspired me to make that a priority. Thank you!


  5. You have inspired me to book that spa day gift from my gorgeous brother which I have been putting off through not wanting to spend a whole day away from the kids. I will book a day of holiday from work and go while they are at school! A day of quiet reflection and relaxation awaits. xx


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