Expand your mind into possibility

I recently experienced a huge spike in business when I expanded my vision of what was possible.


Some may consider me a dreamer, and I do encourage people all the time to not limit themselves by thinking certain things aren’t possible in their lives, like loving their job, feeling great everyday, or finding a deeply passionate relationship. Yet even for someone that’s very aware of the human tendency to limit, I still do it to myself.


After 3 months of traveling and floating from place-to-place in LA, I’m in the intense process of searching for my next home. Before I was even ready to start looking, the idea in my mind was that I wanted to reduce my living expenses as much as possible and therefore would likely end up in a tiny space in a not-so-desirable part of town.


So the looking process began through that limiting lens. The result being that I saw a lot of very tiny places that were overpriced and had no parking (a massive inconvenience when you rely heavily on your car for your job, as I do). I had to stop and ask myself, what are your priorities? What really matters to you in your living space?


When I got honest with myself, the vision I had for my place was very different than what I was looking at. I want light, I want space, I want parking! All of those things matter to me and ultimately what makes my life easier and helps me feel good and nurtured makes me better at my job and better able to serve. I realized I had to expand what I thought was possible for me.

76 Vision Board

As I often do, I wrote about it. The writing turned into a prayer to open and expand my mind to what was truly possible, and with that I began to get excited. My vision opened up as I honored what I truly desired and I could see that what I want is by no means impossible. In fact I prayed for the means to make it possible.


Within two days I had a huge influx of income from clients old and new. The savings goal I created in order to move into my new place (which doubled when I expanded my vision) was filled. By expanding my vision and then praying for guidance and the means to make it possible, I opened myself to possibility and to receiving what the Universe had to offer.

I believe we really have no grasp on the extent of our capabilities. If you expand your mind into possibility, the Universe supports you by opening up your vision and guiding you along the path to bring it into reality.

76 meditation

Is it really that easy? Well, yes and no. I believe that many practices in my life contribute to this kind of manifestation. Everyday I nurture my connection with my spirit through meditation, yoga, prayer, writing, and other self-care practices. I value this relationship to spirit immensely and do the work to keep it healthy, strong, and vibrant. I seek support from like-minded individuals and do my best to steer clear of relationships that hinder me from being my best self (which is tough, more on that in future writing). So no, it’s not easy, but it’s doable and available to anyone that’s willing and open.


Take action now:

1)    Explore one thing in your life that you would like to be different, and ask your mind to expand its vision of what is possible. If you’re so inclined, ask Goddess, God, Universe for guidance in your vision and write down what comes to mind.

2)    In the comments below, share your experience with this activity. Where are you limiting yourself and how can you expand your vision of what’s possible?


Keep rising. You are supported!



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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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