Absence makes the heart grow fonder (Out of sight, out of mind)

Last night I took a glorious epsom salt bath in my own tub (mine for the next 6 months at least) after a long and laborious day of moving, unpacking, and cleaning. I used to take a bath almost every night as part of my evening self-care ritual, but since letting go of my apartment at the beginning of April, I haven’t.


In the past four months, in Los Angeles alone I’ve lived in Studio City, the Hollywood Hills, Koreatown, Downtown, Beverly Hills, Hancock Park, Hollywood, Venice, and now Manhattan Beach. I also traveled to Hong Kong, St. Maarten, and New York. The travel and the variety of experiences has been incredible, unforgettable in fact, and I’m stepping into a new phase with some important realizations in this ongoing exploration of life. One, when you take a leap of faith the Universe is always there to support and guide you, as long as you’re willing to tap into that guidance with love and trust. I have so much gratitude for everyone that made this time a possibility for me. Secondly, having a home base is very important to me.80 buddha and books


It’s kind of a curious thing, as I grew up moving around quite a bit and can’t say I actually have a hometown or that I’m “from” anywhere in particular. I believe that contributed to me being a highly adaptable human with an ability to feel at home almost anywhere. I also adore travel and want to explore the world forever. Yet, having a place to come back to, to come home to between travels, during chaotic times, or simply at the end of a long day that feels welcoming, familiar, and contains the aspects of me that I hold dear is something that I don’t want to be without.


There are two contradictory sayings: “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and “out of sight, out of mind.” You never really know until that thing, that person, or that experience is far away from you which one applies to your particular circumstance. Now I know that as much as I want to roam, wander, be free and explore, I still want the grounding force of a home base to come back to.


If there’s something in your life that you feel you might be taking for granted, or you feel a desire pulling you away, how can you step away and gain perspective? It could even be a few days out of town on your own to remove yourself from your situation, just be with yourself, and reflect. If you have a strong desire to do something out of the ordinary, can you just do it? Please share you thoughts in the comments below.


As humans we enjoy comfort, routine, and stability, but we also crave adventure and change. Everyone has a different balance that makes them feel good, but I do believe we need some of each. And when we can find the unique formula that works best for us, we’re better able to know in our hearts what is most important, what we want to hold on to, and what we’re willing to let go of.


Enjoy the ride,


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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

11 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart grow fonder (Out of sight, out of mind)

  1. When I read your article Sash I am just in awe of your strength and staminer. Its really strange for me because I have always been a person that loves being in a home base, it is very comforting for me, but yet my life always takes me away from home, mostly traveling to visit my beautiful family


  2. I love your faith and trust in the Universe. I’ve recently made some very big changes in my life and it’s the love and protection I feel from the Universe, and the trust I have in return, that has given me the strength to move forward. Thank you for putting words to everything I’ve been feeling. xo


  3. I definitely resonate with the feelings that shine through your words, and was in a very very similar place the year I turned 35. On June 20th this year I had the privilege of doing yoga in Times Square as part of a Solstice celebration in NY – a mind-blowing experience. On my back during savasana, looking up at the sky scrapers, feeling the pulse of the city and the world coursing through me as a leaf on a grand and beautiful tree, I time-traveled in my mind back to that year and in a flash of a second considered the angst, worry, confusion and doubt that came (alongside a phenomenal sense of Connectedness) with the territory of those times… coming back to the present in the canyons of Manhattan, a still small voice whispered to me, “See, it all worked out perfectly. There was never anything to worry about.” And the Universe smiled the smile of Buddha to me. I smiled back. And then came this: “What if you knew this to be true for the rest of this lifetime? What if you were to KNOW in your heart that it will all continue to unfold perfectly, that you are every millisecond of this life held in the arms of God? What if you were to KNOW this, from this point on, and let the rest of the noise melt away into nothingness?” If there’s a plateau I’ve never found it, and somehow doubt I will in this incarnation. But when I pause for a moment from looking up to the top of the mountain, my “destination,” and turn around and enjoy the view from how far up I’ve traveled, I find a moment of peace, and realize deep down that moment is all there really is.

    I’m glad you have found and hope you will continue to find that moment. 🙂


    1. Wow wow wow!!! Thank you Blake for sharing that incredible moment of clarity, trust, peace, and surrender. I was just writing a reflection today in my journal and came to the clear conclusion that in every risk I’ve taken, in every leap I’ve dared to leap, God has supported me. It’s so beautiful to look back and see the gorgeous unfolding and know you can move forward held up in that immense support. Thank you again. This is so beautiful. May I share it in my next newsletter? It could be a post unto itself.


      1. Hi Sasha! Of course, please feel free to share wherever you like, I’m happy the words had a positive impact! 🙂


  4. Congratulations on your new place! We’re still settling into our house and it’s easy to look around and see only the things that aren’t “done” yet… but coming back from a trip recently, I walked in the door and fell in love with my home all over again. Good to keep those fresh eyes!


    1. That’s such a good feeling isn’t it? That feeling of coming home. Finally got to experience that tonight after a week away from my new place doggie sitting. Felt amazing to walk and the door and be home!


  5. I loved this post Sasha – thank you! I especially like “when you take a leap of faith the Universe is always there to support and guide you, as long as you’re willing to tap into that guidance with love and trust.” It makes sense that if we’re given a dream or desire by some divine intervention, then we’re automatically given the ability to achieve it if we just trust in the source that gave it to us in the first place 🙂


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