How to lift your energy

This past week I was feeling incredibly exhausted. The past few months were characterized by nonstop movement, literally from location to location, and also lots of movement in my business and personal life, so it’s really no wonder I was feeling spent. As a kindness to myself I rested whenever possible this week, and listened to what my body needed.


Then Sunday I drove down t81 Sash and Sharono San Clemente for my beautiful friend Sharon’s wedding. As soon as dinner ended the party migrated to the patio to get the dance floor going, and in no time guests were showing off their moves. Though I love me a good dance party, with all the tiredness of late I wasn’t sure where my energy would be. But as soon as I got on the dance floor and started moving my body, the energy was there. The more I indulged in the pleasure of moving and celebrating, the more my energy rose to the occasion. I even got to dance in the rain!


Afterwards I felt elevated and happy. That night I slept better than I had in a couple weeks. I was reminded in that moment, as much as resting is important for nurturing our bodies, so is having fun. Pleasurable movement increases your energy, lifts your mood, and raises your good vibrations, especially for women. By all means if you are worn out, rest. But don’t forget to switch off Netflix, put on your favorite 90s anthems, and move with reckless abandon! Indulge in the joy of movement, celebrate how great it is to be a woman, feel the clouds lift and your energy rise.


Take action now:

1)    Share in the comments below what you do when your energy is low and your mood is in the gutter to pick yourself up.

2)    Need some help making fun and pleasure a bigger priority in your life? Join my Feel Good Goddess program!


See you on the dance floor.


Lots of love,


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

7 thoughts on “How to lift your energy

  1. Yes, this is spot on, and boy do I have a hard time turning off Netflix! Luckily, there is Zumba at work… Yesterday, with it being so cloudy and be feeling unsure about a new job, I made myself go to Zumba. I’m so glad I did! I felt like I did something productive (Ok, I DID do something productive!), and then I went home after work and read and took some quite time. What a great balance, and I feel great today!

    Thanks for all your words of wisdom 🙂


  2. Great reminder Sasha! I just experienced this myself this past weekend. After working sometimes full eight hour shifts both days at the studio on weekends, you can imagine how hard it is to peel yourself off your bed when you get home to go dancing. Every weekend I think to myself “Okay, next weekend I’ll go out for sure!” Then work, life, and dates happen and you’re just plumb tired to physically muster the energy to get up and get dressed and go out.

    After so much “dance deprivation” and weeks and (months sometimes) of putting it off, I realized how depressed and angry, and bitter I was getting at myself. The next thing you know Monday rolls back around, and you realize you didn’t really do anything fun for yourself or your soul. Instead everything becomes about work, and though it may be fun and productive I find it doesn’t give me the same “high.”

    So after an 8 1/2 hour shift on Sunday I took a mini nap, forced myself to go salsa dancing even for just an hour. The motivation is even harder when a friend’s schedule doesn’t align with yours, and you have to go it alone. Anyway I managed to put on a dress, curl my hair that been twisted up all weekend due to the heat and humidity, and retouch my makeup. I figured I would put somewhat of an effort but not a whole lot.

    Then I started driving and oh boy! I started to get tired in the car! I started thinking “Maybe this was a bad idea. You’re tired! You’re not too far to turn back and go next weekend!” Then I said F it and continued on. Once I got there I saw some familiar friends also from the studio, and caught up w/ old ones and really had a blast! I was there till about 12:30a? I got to feel vibrant, and fun and sexy again, and laugh at myself, and it reminds me of what my body can do to weather those other body conscious days. Even though I know I’m going to go home tired, and probably wake up later than I want to the next day, I know in that moment I felt really good about myself and that I need to “shower, rinse and repeat.”


    1. Thanks for sharing this story Charmagne, I can totally relate. In fact, yesterday I was pretty spent, but had planned on a night of dancing and Monsoon. Once I stepped on the dance floor it was nonstop movement for three hours! I felt so uplifted and free. Fun fun fun. We are blessed to have this wonderful dance community in our lives.


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