Turkey – A beautiful world of contradictions

Turkey is a beautiful country of dualities and contradictions, multiple worlds, cultures, ideas and traditions coexisting in stark contrast, mostly in harmony, yet also in conflict. It’s precisely this wonderful melding and merging that makes Turkey so spectacular and unique, because it’s all done so well, with attention to detail, artistry, flavor, and grace. Towering and breathtaking Islamic mosques stand side-by-side with stunning Christian churches and Jewish temples. European cafes serve cappuccinos and Turkish tea. Striking women with impeccable makeup and skin-tight designer dresses walk alongside women covered head-to-toe in black veils with only their eyes peeking out. Yesterday while lying seaside in the sun in the South of Turkey, at 5pm the distant thumping of bass lines from beach parties found competition from the call to prayer blaring out from the loudspeakers of the local mosque. It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard! It’s all so gorgeous and an incredible delight to the senses. I hope all extremes continue to find expression and that no one wins.


Isn’t this all a perfect illustration of both the dilemma and joy of human existence? We are not just one way or one kind of person, clearly defined with no meanderings from our center. Instead we are filled with dualities, contradictions, conflicting ideas and desires that are sometimes amusing and other times torturous. Yet it’s all us. It’s all you. And if you try to deny or completely shut down any aspect of who you are, you send a message to yourself that a certain element of you is not important, not good enough, not valued, or not beautiful enough to be embraced and expressed. However, these complexities of your nature and your being are exactly what make you so unique, so gorgeous, and so incredibly loveable. Embrace all of who you are, celebrate the fluctuations of harmony and conflict, knowing that it’s all you and all part of this spectacular journey of being human.


Galata, Istanbul


1 outdoor cafe


1-2 me at the cafe


2 beautiful buildings


2-2 street with vines



3 cats


3-2 window with glass birds


4 fruit


5 city scape


6 view with mosque


7 beautiful old building


8 political graffiti


9 cafe


10 street corner


11 nigth fruit vendor


Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

13 glass from bazaar


Blue Mosque, Istanbul

14 blue mosque


25 blue mosque

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

15 palace ceiling


16 palace ceiling


17 tiles


18 tile room windows


19 view of city from palace


20 palace garden


22 harem ceiling


23 tile detail


Bebek, Istanbul


26 Bebek


26-2 Bebek treats

Ortakoy, Istanbul

27 Ortakoy


28 Ortakoy


28-2 Shisha4


29 Mosque at Ortakoy


30 mosque at Ortakoy

Bodrum, Turkey

31-2 Bodrum


32 Maca Kizi


33 Maca Kizi


34 Maca Kizi


35 Maca Kizi

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

6 thoughts on “Turkey – A beautiful world of contradictions

  1. I LOVE TUREY… spent a month there 2 years ago. It is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been. And so conducive to meditation. I can’t wait to go back. If you are staying longer in Istanbul, email me and I’ll give you some info on my friend that lives there.


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