Four principals of abundance and success

My favorite radio station in LA, KCRW, a nonprofit that survives and thrives on public support, teaches some valuable principals of abundance and success. As much as we might want those things, they can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. However, I believe if you keep a few core principals in mind, abundance and success become natural side-effects of your actions and beliefs.

I’m thinking about this because it’s KCRW’s pledge drive time, and every time they have one of these pledge drives, the thought crosses my mind that surely by now they have tapped into every possible donor in this city. Then I catch myself. That mentality is a scarcity mentality and approaching anything in that light puts instant limitations on progress.

Principal #1) Never stop asking. There is always more to receive.

My mother always says, “The answer is no until you ask.” Surely, if you don’t make the request at all, the answer is no. If you ask, the answer might still be no, but it might also be yes! So never stop asking for what you want, and know that by making the request you are opening your flow of abundance. Believing that there is always more to receive keeps the abundance flowing.

Principal #2) Setting goals fuels your fire.

Goal setting is a huge topic and there is much to say on it. Though I believe we must release attachment to the outcome of our goals, by setting them we fuel our fire and inspire ourselves to move toward that goal. Sometimes the steps we take will lead us right to it, sometimes we’ll exceed it, and sometimes those steps will move us in an entirely new direction. But if you have something to move toward with a deadline in mind, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable and take action.

Principal #3) Stay true to you by creating something you’re truly passionate about.

Anyone that listens to KCRW knows that it is a truly unique radio station with an inspiring perspective. They stay true to who they are and are passionate about their programming. As a result, the community rises up in support of them because we know exactly what it is we’re supporting and believe in their ability to deliver a quality product.

Principal #4) Always give to your highest possible standard and be grateful for what you receive.

KCRW is so much more than a radio station. Not only is their programming stellar, they are responsible for so many cultural events in this city, including concerts and huge free summer dance parties. Everything they do is done well, so as a result when it comes time to ask for support, they have already given so much and to the highest standard possible it’s hard to say no. They appreciate and encourage any degree of support you can offer in return for all they provide.

Take action now:
In the comments below, share which principal comes as a surprise to you, or which struck the loudest chord.

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Let the abundance flow!

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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