When you’re feeling overwhelmed

This week you’re receiving Wellness Wednesday on Thursday!

I am a bit of a stickler for deadlines, especially personal ones. Every week I write an article which gets sent out in a newsletter every Wednesday, at the same time.

This week I was tackling a rather large topic, and wrote multiple versions of my answer without being happy with any of them. Then at the final hour (Tuesday night), I decided to record a video instead because it felt like a topic I wanted to chat about. It was late, and what seemed like a fairly straight forward project turned into technical issue after technical issue.

At midnight I threw in the towel and opted for sleep. I wasn’t getting anywhere, and my electronic devices were not cooperating. I knew whatever I put out at that point would not be something I was happy with. Time to rest, and regroup in the morning.

Well, Wednesday was a packed day with Goddess sessions and check-in calls. I felt this immense pressure weighing on me to get my Wellness Wednesday published, yet time constraints were keeping me from getting to it. I was feeling…OVERWHELMED!

Amazingly, that’s the exact topic I address this week, inspired by an email I received from an amazing young woman named Rashae. Rather than continue to stress myself out, I threw my notebook and phone into a bag, grabbed a towel, and headed for the beach!

I am happy to share with you this wobbly, squinty, sun in my eyes, far from perfect video on how to deal with feeling overwhelmed (hint: it has something to do with cutting yourself some slack!).

Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break. Sometimes we have to send out Wellness Wednesday on Thursday. Life happens, enjoy it, roll with it, do your best.

Take action now:

1) In the comments below, let me know how you handle feelings of stress and overwhelm in your life.

2) Share this article with someone you know is putting a lot of pressure on themselves. The whole world could use a little chilling out.


P.S. Looking for one-on-one guidance with stress management and lifestyle design? Book a free consultation for my Feel Good Goddess program HERE.


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

6 thoughts on “When you’re feeling overwhelmed

    1. You are so welcome Rashae. By reaching out and inspiring this video I’m sure you’re helping many people that struggle with similar issues. Thank you for sharing your story! Please keep me posted on how you’re doing and if using these techniques are helpful for you.


  1. Wonderful advice, Sasha. I too am a high energy person who loves to do a lot. For the longest time, I would struggle with overwhelm and fantasize about some future time when I would be done with everything on my list and could just veg out. Eventually I realized that I actually LOVE being busy, creating things and leading an active life. And like you said, simply embracing that — instead of wishing it were different or telling myself that it’s too much — changes my whole experience. And yes, letting go of some things on the list helps too!


    1. Yes! It’s amazing how we can work ourselves into a tizzy then realize it’s all because of things we’ve chosen to do, and often things we love to do! Being busy is fun, as long as we don’t take ourselves to seriously. When life starts getting a little too serious, that’s probably a good indication it’s time to take a break. Thanks for sharing Patty!


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