Everything’s going to be ok

Do you realize how much time you spend stressing about what might be, afraid of how things may or may not turn out, even though you actually have no idea how it’s all going to unfold? A lot of mental energy goes into that worrying, yet in the end, it all turns out just fine.

Think of something you were stressing about recently that has come to completion. Was it worth the stress or did you survive, or even thrive in the end? The other day I was lying down resting on a beautiful sunny day, reflecting on how rapidly my life is changing in the most beautiful and magical way. I then thought of my moments of fear and anxiety over these past few months of extreme change and realized that deep down inside I knew everything was going to be ok. And I was right.

How many times do you stress about taking time off of work, then when you finally do it passes in a flash and you return to your computer only to realize that the world has continued on just fine without you?

How many times have you dreaded a certain conversation, only to experience that your thoughts were well received? Or even if they weren’t, that all those involved survived anyway?

How many times have you stressed about where money was going to come from, where you were going to live, how you would make it through your to-do list, or if you would be lonely forever, and in the end you had enough money, you found a place to live, you made it through your tasks, and you went on a great date?

We literally torture ourselves with these thoughts of doom-and-gloom, with this anxiety that the worst is going to happen. Yet even if it does, will we not still survive??

What if instead of all the energy you put toward worrying you continuously reminded yourself that everything is going to be ok, and in fact, everything always works out for the best? Shift your mindset to your deeper knowing that the outcome is going to be a positive one, that you are supported, and that you always have a place to land.

The important thing to remember is that life doesn’t always happen in the timeline you have in your head, or even according to your master plan. When you are willing to accept that and be open to any possibility, not only will you recognize when a special or unique opportunity is presenting itself, you’ll actually attract those opportunities right to you.

The Universe needs to know you are willing to receive in order to give you the gifts that are lined up for you.

Just a few short weeks ago I laid out a clear and ambitious plan for the final quarter of the year. I set specific intentions behind that plan. What is actually unfolding is quite different than the details of the plan I originally laid out, yet all entirely in line with my highest intentions. In fact, the way everything is unfolding and falling into place is far more beautiful, inspiring, fun, and makes way more sense than anything I could have possibly imagined.

I believe this is happening because I was clear with my intentions and desires, I convinced myself that it was all possible, I opened myself up to guidance, and I trusted that all would happen as it should.

It did. It is. And it’s wonderful.

Whatever it is you are stressing about, whatever is keeping you up at night, TRUST that everything’s going to be ok. TRUST that it is all unfolding beautifully and for your greatest good. KNOW that you are supported and most of all ENJOY every step of the way.

Take action now:

1) In the comments below, share something you stressed about that turned out for the best.

2) Share this article with someone that needs to know everything’s going to be ok.

With love and support,

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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

6 thoughts on “Everything’s going to be ok

  1. THANK YOU SASHA! I absolutely loved and needed this article.
    I graduated college in May. My goal was to have a job before graduation, but that was incredibly difficult going to school in Maryland and living in New Jersey. I was soo stressed about finding the perfect job, and everybody in my family told me my standards were too high: that no college grads actually like their first job. Ends up I got the most perfect job using my major (which I didn’t entirely want to use), as well as using my passion for health and wellness, in a Chiropractic office in Midtown Manhattan in NYC!

    Looking forward to next week’s article 🙂


    1. So happy for you Allee! And I love that you found a job that is perfect for you. When we refuse to accept that we have to be discontented with any area of our life, great things unfold. I am convinced of that! Too many people take unhappiness or dissatisfaction for granted, as though that’s just the way life is. When the truth is, life is exactly as we want it to be, as long as we are brave enough to demand of life what we want.
      Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
      Love, Sasha


  2. I loved this article Sash!!!!!! I have spent way too much time worrying, only to find out all is well, especially knowing that God is in charge.


  3. Hi Sasha,

    This was a great article! This has been a constant fear through-out the past month. Transitions in life does bring on an uncertainty like none other but I my practice of being in the moment and knowing that things will work out okay has been key to keeping my fears and anxiety at bay. In fact, I haven’t been this happy with my life in awhile. As long as I remain opened in my life and take action on all my steps, I now I’m doing the best I can do.

    Thanks again for all you’ve done and for producing these great insightful articles.



    1. Johnny, I know this has been a huge year of transitions for you, and your bravery is admirable. It is so clear to me that you are on your path and your joy comes through in all you communicate. Life is a big adventure, isn’t it?! Thanks for sharing your story.
      Love, Sash


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