A Journey to Self

Have you ever had an experience where it feels like you have it all together, your life is moving in a way that feels good to you. Then Bam! It all comes crashing down and you’re left feeling like you’re starting from scratch…again!


This has happened to me in a major way twice in the past 7 years. The first time was when I got laid off from my job and left my marriage all within a couple weeks of each other. Total life reset in every possible way. The second is what I feel compelled to share with you today.


Before we dive in, I want to explain that it’s taken me a lot of careful consideration to get to a point where I feel it’s worthwhile to share this story with you. I wanted to make sure that a) hearing it would hold value for your life and b) that I have come out on the other side with something positive to contribute. I feel that both of those things are true, so here we are, and here goes.


About 18 months ago, the private client based yoga and Thai yoga massage business I created hit a major dry spell. I didn’t have enough money to pay rent and I couldn’t see how to turn it around fast enough. I felt terrified and really vulnerable. After examining my options, I felt the best move was to take the radical step of packing-up my beloved apartment (my home for the previous four years), putting my belongings in storage, and relying on house-sitting, dog-sitting, and couch surfing to get through until I could get back on my feet.


At first the idea of letting go of all the monthly expenses associated with living on my own in LA felt exhilarating. But when it came down to making it happen, I felt embarrassed, ashamed, deeply sad to leave my home, and like a total failure at the age of 34.


Let me back up a bit. Through hard work, dedication, and passion I built a business and life around yoga and Thai yoga massage. On that path I met wonderful students and clients and had the opportunity to touch many lives.


After yoga class one day, one of my students approached me to ask if she could spend more time with me, to learn how I live my life. She was having some difficulties (career and relationship – the big ones) and thought I might be able to offer her some guidance.


I was blown away by her willingness to ask and eager to offer my services. I was toying with the idea of starting a mentorship program but wasn’t clear on the approach I wanted to take. So my student and I decided to dive in together. I would coach her, she would put it into practice, and together we would determine what worked best.


Basically, I answered the call because my heart was already seeking the opportunity before it even appeared.


What I learned from the experience of that first life-coaching client is that I had worked hard to create a system of support in my life that allowed me to feel grateful, open, and cared for even during life’s biggest challenges. It kept me connected to my soul and my intuition so that life became an adventure requiring heart-felt responsiveness rather than erratic reactivity. The cornerstone of that life system was self-care, and the key was teaching women how to fold it into their lives in a way that worked and that they enjoyed.


I fell in love with this new path! I dove in and worked with several women to make sure I was really onto something, and the work confirmed that I was.


The women were experiencing profound shifts through the program I created, such as Shelley…


I have been stuck in making a life changing decision for way too long.   Working with Sasha in this program has given me the courage to look at myself honestly in a nurturing and safe environment. It was painful, but with Sasha’s gentle and wise guidance we were able to peel away some of the layers of my pain and hurt. I have a much better awareness of who I am and that I have permission to set no limitations on my happiness or what could be.


So what happened? I had not yet transitioned from my yoga business. A couple months passed where most of my clients were out of town or ill all at the same time and my savings dried up quickly just paying for life. If you’re an entrepreneur you understand how easily this can happen when you have no safety net.


That’s when I found myself in a desperate situation and letting go completely while surrendering to whatever the process would reveal felt like the best possible option. It was a radical move for me because I am a highly disciplined person that loves structure and order. Throwing caution to the wind took a massive amount of faith and willingness to be uncomfortable.


The experience was beyond challenging. After being independent since the age of 18, I suddenly had no home base and found myself moving all the time.


Here’s the cool part though – it was time to really put the coaching program I created to the test, on myself! Could I go through all of this turbulence and still uphold my commitment to self-care? And if I did, what would be the result?


Not only did self-care come to the rescue, I learned so much more. Such as…

  • The idea that I have to do it all on my own only serves to create disconnect with the world around me. The truth is, love and support are everywhere, as long as you are willing to ask, to give, and receive openly.
  • Surrender is an incredibly important tool for getting through life’s toughest moments.


During this time of instability and uncertainty…

  • I was never without a place to stay, either with loving friends or through people to whom I offered house-sitting services.
  • With my newfound freedom of movement, I was able to travel to New York, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, and Turkey, all in the course of 6 months, for both business and pleasure.
  • I found an incredible support network of sisters in my life who opened me more fully to the power of my feminine energy and the necessity for nurturing it regularly.


All the while I ran The Sacred Art of Self-Care program with private clients and continued to develop and refine it. This journey allowed me to enhance the program with several key components, such as…

  • How to surrender to the flow of life and take effective action.
  • How to ask for help and receive with joy and pleasure.
  • How to guide all your decisions with pleasure.
  • And most importantly of all, that making self-care a priority makes you capable of manifesting greatness!


Marketing + Branding Expert Alex Beadon shares…


Before I worked with Sasha, I was going through life with an underlying feeling of anxiety and fear – and I didn’t even know it.  I knew I was lacking balance and feeling chaotic, but I didn’t know what to do or where to start to find it. Doing The Sacred Art of Self-Care Program was a dream come true because Sasha helped to re-align me, and get me back on the right tracks. Now, after working with Sasha, I RELISH in my everyday life. No matter what happens in my business or in my life, I feel at ease. 


What did the Sacred Art of Self-Care program allow me to manifest?

  • The courage to step fully onto my new path.
  • Beautiful new friendships and the ability to let go of relationships that were harmful and draining.
  • The most profound love affair of my life with a man who makes my soul sing.
  • A deep love and gratitude for my womanhood and all the magic that encompasses.


Here’s what it’s done for some of the women I’ve worked with.


Stylist Rachel Jimenez shares…


Sasha’s Sacred Art of Self-Care Program could not have come into my life at a better time! As an entrepreneur and admitted workaholic, I was overwhelmed with life in general and not handling it well at all. I had just moved across the country from LA back to Chicago, was dealing with the helplessness of losing a close Aunt to cancer and helping to take care of my Dad who had been in and out of the hospital for the first time in my adult life. Forget about my own personal life and relationships. On a daily basis, I was feeling anxious, scatter-brained, stressed, depleted and physically weak. I was at the bottom of my own priority list and Sasha helped me to find balance and take better care of myself. Sasha’s weekly sessions became a sacred time that I looked forward to, a time that I could fully focus on me and learn ways to feel good every day.


Photographer Jennifer Daigle shares…


The Sacred Art of Self-Care Program for me was life changing! Coming out of a 10-year relationship, I found myself feeling insecure and afraid to receive support and love, as if I did not deserve these things. Throughout the program Sasha helped me find my freedom, she helped me develop daily habits that were nourishing to my body and soul, I began to find my confidence and see my worth!



Marketing Coordinator Starr Todd shares…

My life was nowhere near what I thought it should be. My boss was driving me nuts, my finances were a mess and the positive aspects of my life were being impacted. Before I started working with Sasha, I was having trouble sleeping and felt like I was in a deep hole. Sasha was so easy to talk to and helped me ‘see the light’ so to speak. She helped me focus on the positive and take small, but impactful steps to making my life better. My marriage is in a better place, because I am a happier person. I am so grateful.


It is with deep excitement and gratitude that I open up The Sacred Art of Self-Care to you.


Do you feel the calling?

Are you ready to ask for help?

Are you ready to receive?

Are you ready to take beautiful care of yourself?

Are you ready to feel the energy of pleasure expand your creativity and fill you with gratitude?

Are you ready to embrace your feminine energy completely?


I currently have four openings in The Sacred Art of Self-Care program. Is one of them for you?


Pull out your calendar and let’s set up a time to chat. We need about 20 minutes on the phone to discuss where you’re at in your life, what are you challenges, your desires, and your questions. You can schedule your consultation right HERE.


If you are feeling at all called or at all curious, don’t hesitate, now is the time. Learn more about The Sacred Art of Self-Care HERE and let’s talk very soon.


With love and gratitude,





Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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