What is feminine energy and why it matters

In the Sacred Art of Self-Care I stress the importance of nurturing your feminine energy, but what does that mean? Often, what comes to mind when we hear the word “feminine” are stereotypes like the color pink, flowers, perfume, shopping, make-up, ballerinas, and romantic comedies. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things (in fact, I’m wearing bright pink nail polish as I type), that’s actually not what I’m referring to.

So what is feminine energy and why should you care about it?

Feminine energy is movement, pleasure, creativity, life force, togetherness, physicality, desire, receptivity, and surrender.

Masculine energy is assertiveness, ambition, control, aggression, drive, solitude, intellect, and action.

Everyone’s expression of feminine and masculine energy comes with it’s own unique flavor and having both is fundamental to feeling whole and enjoying life. (Click to Tweet)

Somewhere along the way we adopted a theory collectively that to succeed in life, especially professionally, we must embody more of the masculine than the feminine. Masculine energy is strength. Feminine energy is weakness.

If that is your viewpoint, or you’re now recognizing it as a hidden belief, I have good news. You can drop it! It doesn’t serve you.

I believe one of the reasons women are constantly seeking a sense of balance is because their feminine energy is sleeping after many years, a lifetime, or even generations of being silenced into non-expression, or simply severely undervalued in relation to the masculine aspects of drive, action, and doing.

Are you yearning for the power of your feminine energy to shine through? Let me help you…

When I see a woman embracing her feminine energy and learning to see it as just as vital a tool to success as her masculine drive and ambition, I see a woman who:

  • embraces pleasure as an essential component of each day and folds it into work-life and home-life.
  • plays with the art of balancing action and surrender to get the results she desires.
  • puts self-care at the top of her list knowing that it both energizes and centers her, providing necessary fuel for her busy life.

Learning to love my feminine energy has been nothing short of transformative. Though most people that know me would characterize me as a very feminine being, I am a highly driven, disciplined, and ambitious woman, and I struggle with feeling like I always have to be doing something rather than giving myself permission to sometimes just be.

However, I now make a conscious practice of folding the feminine energies of self-care, creativity, and pleasure into my days, along with my masculine drive and focus, and it’s such a beautiful marriage! When I’m really tuned into it, my days feel productive, flowing, and contain the right mix of effort and release. It’s a practice, but one I enjoy so much more than constantly feeling stressed and pressured to do more and more. As a result, life feels much more like a natural unfolding than a forced uphill climb.

Here are some fun ways to start nurturing your feminine energy so that it becomes part of your day-to-day:


  1. Move your body everyday, and make it something you find fun and enjoyable in the moment. If this is new for you, start with just 10-minutes. Go for a walk, dance to your favorite music, hula hoop in your back yard, or follow a yoga class on youtube
  2. Connect with your creativity. Schedule 30-60 minutes this week and devote it to creative expression. That can mean drawing, painting, singing, cooking, decorating, making jewelry, writing a poem. Whatever ignites a little flame of energy within.
  3. Surrender before you sleep. Tonight, before you turn out the lights, write down 3 things you are releasing to the care of the Universe, and allow yourself a peaceful night’s rest, trusting that all is well in your world.

Do you desire one-on-one support with prioritizing self-care in your life and developing routines that nurture your feminine energy?

The Sacred Art of Self-Care might be the answer for you.

Click HERE to learn more and to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your desires.


In the comments below, share your thoughts on Feminine Energy. Do you value it in your life?

Lots of love,

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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