Chatting with my mom on what gets us through hard times. I believe the BIG THREE for me are:


1) Having a huge heart. Injecting difficult situations with a lot of love is very productive.

  • Sometimes that love means allowing yourself to get angry or sad, without judgment.
  • Sometimes that means attending to your priorities even in the face of great difficulty.
  • Sometimes it means taking a nap when you really need it.
  • Sometimes it means helping someone else, even when you’re hurting.


2) Having deep faith in the human spirit and the power of the Universe to work on our behalf, if that’s what we ask for.

  • Ask God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe for the outcome you want.
  • Visualize it and hold it as truth in your heart.
  • Know that “this too shall pass.”

3) Having a loving and supportive family that I can turn to without shame or embarrassment.

  • Being able to share the truth of your challenges is important for releasing some of the weight, some of the emotional burden.
  • Be willing to receive love and support.
  • Seek it from those that will not judge and love you unconditionally.


What are your big three?


Love, Sasha

Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.


  1. Realizing that you are not in control all the time and having the self confidence to believe in yourself and your decisions. The practice of yoga provided me with that shift in consciousness.


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