Weathering the December Stress Storm

Imagine gliding through December with a smile on your face, an abundance of love in your heart, feeling happy, healthy, calm, and centered…


Can you imagine??


You’re probably scoffing and rolling your eyes right now. Yeah right lady!


The truth is, December can exacerbate all your deepest sources of stress: relationships, career, money, and health. If every major area of your life is under strain, you end the year feeling frantic, exhausted, bitter, and frustrated.


As the year comes to a close, deadlines (both real and imagined) loom large, making stress levels spike. You might also feel a lot of financial pressure with gift giving, travel arrangements, and looking fabulous for all the holiday parties and gatherings. Running yourself ragged, colder weather, and being around so many other humans can leave your immune system seriously compromised. And when you’re not feeling your best, you might be taking it out on your loved ones, or existing relationship issues surge forward and slap you in the face.


December stress is real. It’s a perfect winter storm!


There is no magic wand to make it all better in an instant, especially if this has been your end-of-year experience for many years. In all honesty, unless you are a naturally blissful person, weathering these kinds of storms with grace and ease comes from consistent and dedicated attention to your spiritual well-being on a daily basis.


However, here are some powerful tips you can use right now to transform your experience of December from stress and frustration to joy and connection…


  • Take it all in and delight in your senses.


Rather than rushing from one thing to the next, be sure to pause and really take in your surroundings. Enjoy the colorful lights and beautiful decorations. When you stop to admire, they really are beautiful and can lift your spirits.


When offered a tasty treat, don’t immediately jump to guilty thoughts. Accept graciously if it’s something you desire, and really savor the experience. If you allow yourself to enjoy the flavors fully, chances are you won’t slam down three more cookies, because you’ll feel completely satisfied from the first one.


When the music’s playing, sing and dance. If it’s not playing, put some music on and sing and dance! Let this truly be a time of celebration. Awaken your senses and enjoy your surroundings!


  • Be the light.


If you’re complaining about road rage and parking lot drama, then chances are you’re contributing to it. Instead, send love to everyone around you. Smile a lot! Ask the cashier how she’s doing. Hold the door open for the person behind you.


For the people in your life, use this time to truly express your appreciation for them. Rather than seeing gatherings as mandatory or obligatory, choose to go with pleasure, and be fully present with everyone you interact with. Ask questions, give hugs, laugh, and have fun.


  • Schedule self-care.


It’s the beginning of December and this month will fly by. To start the New Year feeling refreshed, take a moment now to schedule some self-care into your busy calendar. Put in a couple exercise classes or hiking dates. And definitely enjoy a massage! Self-care will keep you energized, positive, and relaxed for all that you’re showing up for.


  • Don’t wait for January to be the person you want to be.


I challenge you to take a bold step RIGHT NOW to get personal guidance on creating a plan for transforming your experience of life in the coming year. Rather than reading this email and hoping these ideas stick, solidify them in your life by scheduling one-on-one time with me to shift your experience from chronic stress and overwhelm to consistent peace and pleasure. Book your free call right HERE (or copy and paste this link:


I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Love, Sasha


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Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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