From Visualization to Reality

Do you find yourself worrying a lot about the things you don’t want? Or stressing about how long it’s taking for the things you do want to show up? If so, this one’s for you…


Rather than see life as a trial, I prefer to view it as a grand experiment. My current experiment is with visualization. Every morning, as part of my morning ritual, I spend about 5 minutes visualizing everything that I want right now, and I complete the process with an abundance of gratitude, thanking the Universe for all of it as though it’s already happened.


Some interesting side effects have sprouted from this activity…


First, it’s very uplifting. Ending my meditation with this leaves me feeling excited and energized, because I can feel how wonderful it is for all these things I’m desiring to fall into place. I can literally feel the gratitude within, which puts me in a good mood and sets me in motion to take action wherever I can.


Secondly, I had a breakthrough the other morning when I realized something I’ve been visualizing has already manifested! I just hadn’t seen it in that light as it happened through a different means than I imagined. The thing is, you can visualize, but it’s not really up to you how it all comes together. Just be open to it arriving differently than you imagined. And when it does, very cool.


I decided to take the experiment into different venues, just for fun. At a recent family game of bowling, we were over halfway through and no one had scored a strike. I wasn’t doing particularly well so I had no reason to believe I would be the one to do it, but I decided to employ my visualization trickery.


Stepping into position, I saw all the pins being ploughed over, and said, “This is the strike.” And wouldn’t you know…STRIKE! The first and only one of the game. So cool.


Then, a couple days later I had a very tight connection in Chicago (only 40 minutes to board my next flight). The plane that brought me to Chicago was so small that carry-on luggage had to be checked at the gate. So as I was anxiously waiting for the bags to be off-loaded, I found myself visualizing the exact outcome I didn’t want. Running to my gate, dying to pee with no time for a bathroom stop, last one to board with no room for my bag in the overhead compartment.


As you can imagine, this thought process did not in any way calm my nerves.


So I turned it around. I closed my eyes and visualized the exact outcome I desired. My bag offloaded promptly, a leisurely walk to the next gate with time for a visit to the ladies room, boarding the plane early with plenty of room for my bags, and just for fun, I threw in an empty seat next to me.


I kid you not. I opened my eyes and my carry-on was the third bag to show up. I had ample time for a pit stop in the restroom, and when I boarded the plane, the overhead compartment was empty, waiting for my bag. And wouldn’t you know, on a packed flight, I even had an empty seat next to me! So so so cool!!


This had me wondering, why is it that these brief little moments of visualization manifested immediately, yet the visualization I practice daily seems to be taking its sweet time? I let that question simmer and here are the answers that arose:


  • My morning visualizations are happening right now, I just can’t see all the details coming together behind the scenes. It’s not until something is in front of my face that I acknowledge that the visualization has manifested.
  • Time is a human construct. The Universe is ready when I am.
  • I approached those in-the-moment visualizations with a lighthearted “why not?” kind of attitude. My morning visualizations feel more weighty because my heart is more attached to the outcomes. Clinging too tightly can cause interference with the flow. Visualizing then releasing and trusting allows the Universe to work its magic.


Sometimes you have to throw the ball.

Sometimes you have to wait patiently and take deep breaths.

But overall, it’s way more fun to visualize what you do want rather than stress over your imagined nightmare scenario. Both are imagined scenarios, so you might as well fuel the one you desire!


I believe how you take care of yourself, both physically and spiritually, has a massive impact on your perspective and your ability to attract the outcomes you desire. The more clear and open you feel, the more lightly you can approach your life, the more likely you are to see all the magic unfolding before you.


See below for 2 ways you can support this process in your life starting THIS WEEK, to set yourself up for a clear, energized, and uplifted New Year.


Wishing you lots of love and massive blessings in 2016!





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Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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