Manage your fear with self-care rituals

Is there a certain time of day that you feel anxiety and fear creeping in? For me, it’s the beginning of the day, as soon as I wake up. Thankfully I don’t always wake-up feeling that way, but if there’s something heavy on my mind, or a massive unknown I’m grappling with, it presents itself most acutely first thing in the morning and can make the day feel like it’s going to be…dreadful.


But then this magical thing happens. I get up out of bed, the anxiety dissipates and the day unfolds beautifully into focused action, connection, making progress, and pursuing my passions.


The truth is, it’s not magical at all. It’s due to some very specific self-care I do each morning that helps me to feel centered in my spirit, nurtured, connected, and able to surrender the events of my life to God. Once I’m able to shift from fear to surrender, I move forward with confidence, acceptance, and openness.


I’m always grateful for my morning ritual, but particularly on those mornings that I wake up with negative thoughts and fears dominating my mind and coloring my mood. Having a morning routine I truly enjoy inspires me to get out of bed knowing that whatever anxiety I might be feeling upon waking will soon shift into perspective. I consider it an essential component of my self-care and daily wellness.


The following is a suggested morning ritual practice. The idea is to do something that feels nurturing to your mind, body, and soul.


Get up, make a cup of lemon-ginger tea (great for digestion!), and diffuse some essential oils to nurture your emotional state. This morning I chose lavender, lemon, bergamot, and ylang ylang as this combo helps to calm anxiousness, uplift the mood, and open the heart.


Spend 10-30 minutes reading (something grounding or inspirational), writing, and meditating. If you’re feeling anxious or fearful, when you journal, say hello to your fear and ask it if there’s something in particular it wants you to know. It’s important to acknowledge your fear rather than ignore it or pretend it’s not there. If you do that, it might scream louder to get your attention.


After your mediation, do some gentle stretching to get your energy flowing, followed by a nourishing breakfast.


The fun part about your morning ritual is creating a routine that feels great for you. From there, consistency is key. This is not just for when times are tough, this is for everyday so that when the tough times hit, you have something solid to lean on.


Here’s how I can support you…


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In the comments below, share your favorite morning rituals. Or, if you don’t have any, what is your biggest challenging in creating a morning self-care routine?


Love, Sasha



Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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