The value of repetition

We are blessed with so much variety in our lives, it’s easy to jump from one thing to the next, always wanting something new. When it comes to issues or problems that you’re having, it’s tempting to keep trying new things, thinking “this will be the answer!” Why? Because we’re impatient. Because we want it to happen now.


What gets lost in that approach though is depth. Doing something one time does not result in depth. There might be some learning, there might be some growth, there might be some insight, but there isn’t true understanding, expansion, or expertise.


To get that kind of depth you have to be willing to repeat, repeat, repeat. And when you’re repeating, you also have to be present in your actions, being both the participant and the observer.


These insights came to me during a yoga class the other day, which inspired this Periscope video. I’ve been doing yoga for 14 years. Within that 14 years I taught for 7 years. Yet, I still learn in every class, I go deeper, I make new discoveries.


The value of repetition can be applied to so many things: working on a relationship, building a business, learning a language, developing a new skill, healing a physical ailment. In certain areas of my life I have definitely been guilty of hopping from one new thing to the next, looking for “the answer.” Yet in the areas where I have truly devoted my focus and stuck with a system that feels good and is effective, magic happens.


In the spirit of repetition, rather than just dabbling in live-stream video, for the next few weeks I’m really going to embrace Periscope as a platform for communication. You can find me on there as @sashamariestone sharing insights and answering your questions.


In the comments below, share something that you want to go deep with and make a declaration to devote yourself to repetition.


Lots of love,


Published by Sasha Marie Stone

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, work-from-home wellness expert, life coach, and dog mom.

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