How to cope with tragedy

How do you accurately describe the fear, hatred, and racism that are dominating our media and society right now. Disappointing? Tragic? Embarrassing? Completely utterly unacceptable? I’m sure you’re feeling it too. In the midst of all of this, how are you feeling?


There are certain things that happen in the world, and that happen in your life, that can knock you down. That can make you feel bitter, angry, depressed, and despondent. That can fill your heart with pain and a deep well of grief. Though it might be terrifying, though it might feel dangerous, I think it is important to acknowledge and truly feel your feelings!


Having a positive and loving attitude does not mean that you have no other emotions. What it does mean is that you can allow yourself the time and space to go into your pain and hurt and have the faith and certainty that it’s safe to do so, and that you will pull out of it.


Feeling safe experiencing your emotions and knowing how to take care of yourself through the waves comes with having a strong spiritual muscle. This is what allows you to cope with tragedy, to break down when it’s time to break down, and to stand back up when life is asking you to move forward.


Think about it from a physical standpoint. When you’re in great shape, but something knocks you out of your routine for several days, or even several weeks, once you start up your fitness routine again your muscle memory is there and it’s much easier to return to your previous strength and energy.


The same goes for your soul. If you have routines and practices in your life that nourish your soul and build your spiritual muscle, then your ability to withstand the inevitable waves of triumph and tragedy in your life is so much more solid. You will know that a few days down in the dumps is not going to mean a lifetime of despair. The emotions will move through, and you will inevitably return to your center of love and joy from which you can be most supportive to yourself, to your loved ones, to your community, and to the world.


It’s when you allow emotions to get stuck that you feel trapped in stress and sadness, or your body starts to break down, or your relationships suffer.


So, what to do? There are so many ways you can strengthen your spiritual muscle, and it is truly a matter of personal preference in terns of what works best for you and your life. But daily practice is key! My top three ways of strengthening my spiritual muscle are:

  1. Meditation (with breathwork and mantra)
  2. Journaling (which incorporates prayer)
  3. Spending time in nature (hiking and going to the beach)


But truly you can structure your entire daily routine around spiritual wellness and that’s when your experience of life really starts to shift radically!


If you’re feeling a little lost with all of this, if it sounds like a great idea but you have no idea where to start, I have good news for you. Rather than closing The Sacred Art of Self-Care Immersion Program for enrollment, I am keeping it open all summer long!


Some decisions can’t be rushed, and though my original plan was to have a group of 10 start on July 16, it’s just not panning out that way. So why hurry it? Making the choice to truly change your life is a big one. And I feel that more than ever we need a world filled with people with strong spiritual muscles! So the program is open for rolling enrollment, meaning, you can get started at any time from now until September 21, 2016.


The first step is simply to apply.


Let’s pool our resources! In the comments below, share your top 3 ways of strengthening your spiritual muscle. 


Wrapping you with love,


P.S. Not ready for the full program, but have some kinks you want to iron out? I am now offering PRIVATE 60-MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING CALLS to help get you to where you want to be with your self-care, your stress levels, and how you organize your life.

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Jennifer Daigle shares her journey from Sasha Marie Stone on Vimeo.

Jennifer discovers the value of investing in her growth and living with purpose through The Sacred Art of Self-Care.


More info on the program:


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